MTG Commander Legends: Battle For Baldur’s Gate: The 7 Best Reprints In The Exit From Exile Deck

New Commander decks have arrived in Magic: The Gathering, and with them come more than a handful of newly printed toys specifically made for the hilariously fun multiplayer Commander format. However, we're not here today to talk about new toys. Rather, let's reminisce on some old ones that are once again seeing the light of a reprint.

The Exit from Exile deck is one of four preconstructed decks being released alongside Battle For Baldur's Gate Commander. This deck's strategy focuses around taking cards in and out of exile, alongside a Wolf tribal subtheme. While this is definitely among the strangest themes a preconstructed deck has been built around, we've got no qualms with the quite useful reprints that are coming out of it.

7 Return Of The Wildspeaker

Return of the Wildspeaker is one of those strange green cards that draws lots of cards, more like a blue card would. The condition necessary to making this card worthwhile is playing high power non-Human creatures. Thankfully, most high-powered creatures aren't Humans anyway.

Return of the Wildspeaker can also bring an opponent to their sudden end thanks to its anthem (buffing your entire board) effect that requires non-Human creatures as well. Suffice to say, Return of the Wildspeaker works best in a deck that doesn't feature any Humans, which is far from a costly deck-building constraint.

6 Managorger Hydra

Players who are familiar with the Standard format back when Magic Origins was released will be able to inform you on just how good Managorger Hydra can be. If this card was good when there were two players casting spells, think about how good it is in a format like Commander, where you've got even more players.

5 Vivien, Champion Of The Wilds

Casting instants at instant speed sure is fun, but casting creatures at instant speed often feels even better. Vivien, Champion of the Wilds allows you to cast all of your creatures at instant speed, and more to sweeten the deal.

This green planeswalker's option to immediately exile a card and cast it using its -2 loyalty ability also makes it a safe inclusion as far as card advantage is concerned. There aren't many worse feelings than playing a planeswalker just to use its loyalty ability once and then see it go bye bye, and Commander players generally don't like letting planeswalkers stay on the battlefield. It's good that Vivien has a purpose as soon as it hits the battlefield, as insurance.

4 Xenagos, The Reveler

Did somebody say planeswalker? While being able to use a planeswalker's ability a single time before it gets sent to the graveyard is certainly a bummer, but Xenagos, the Reveler definitely makes it worth your while if you've got enough creatures on the board.

Xenagos' +1 loyalty ability adds red and green mana to your pool equal to the number of creatures you control, making him very good at allowing his controller to empty their hand. It's hard to get set back on tempo when you're playing cards that affect the battlefield and allow you to play even more. Even in the worst case scenario, Xenagos can generate a blocker for himself to keep him safe from most opposing creatures.

3 Laelia, The Blade Reforged

Remember how Managorger Hydra was a three mana threat that demands an answer? Laelia, the Blade Reforged is another one. Having been printed only three times prior, and first printed just last year in the Commander 2021 decks, it's good to see more printings so soon for a card that's in such high demand.

2 Three Visits / Nature's Lore

Three Visits and Nature's Lore are functionally the same card, and so they're lumped them together here. In most decks, having a way to 'ramp' (gain access to extra mana) is vital, and both Three Visits and Nature's Lore go a step further by allowing you to grab any kind of Forest you want, whether it be a basic, shockland, triome, or even a true dual.

Ramp strategies are yet another popular player in the Commander format, as are lands-matter decks, thanks to the fairly recent addition of Omnath, Locus of Creation to the format's card pool.

1 Stolen Strategy

Originally printed in the Two-Headed Giant focused booster set Battlebond back in 2018, Stolen Strategy hasn't seen a second printing until now. Seeing as this enchantment allows you to exile cards your opponents have in their decks and use them against them, it makes sense that it has got a price tag of over $10.

It's also fairly funny to beat your opponents with cards from their own decks, which makes it a fun inclusion in everything from sacrifice-heavy decks to a full-on red chaos deck designed to throw your opponents into disarray.

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