MVP Football: The Patrick Mahomes Experience Available For Oculus Quest

There’s a new American football game on Oculus Quest, but this one focuses solely on one player — Patrick Mahomes, quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs.

That’s right, MVP Football: The Patrick Mahomes Experience is a new NFL game that puts you in a range of NFL games playing as the Chiefs quarterback. You’ll start as a high school college pro and progress up to a professional level playing for the Chiefs. You can check out the launch trailer embedded below.

In an interview with developers from CityLights and Free Range Games on the Oculus blog, it’s revealed that the team started working on the game back in 2018, during the season that saw Mahomes become a starter for the chiefs. “As he began to capture the whole world’s attention that season, we began discussing and developing a VR product called ‘MVP Football’,” said CityLights co-founder Joel Newton, “because it was becoming obvious he was going to win the MVP that year. Then he did, and then the MVP of the Super Bowl the next year.”

The developers describe the game as “a little of both sim and arcade game experience” — while the focus is on simulating the experience of playing as Mahomes at a professional level, there’s also some arcade-y mechanics and additions that make the game a bit more accessible.

The Mahomes Experience joins 2MD: VR Football Unleashed on Quest, beginning a small library of American football games available on the platform. For non-American football sports, check out our list of the best sports games available on Oculus Quest.

MVP Football: The Patrick Mahomes Experience is available now on Oculus Quest for $19.99.

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