My Final Fantasy XIV New Year’s Resolutions

It’s New Year’s Eve, so it’s time to say goodbye to 2022 and look forward to what 2023 might bring. While many of us are already setting targets for 2023 (that we will likely abandon after a month), I thought I’d also set some resolutions for my Final Fantasy 14 Warrior of Light.

I recently reflected on my time in Eorzea over the past year, and while I enjoyed the fun things I’ve gotten up to, I don’t feel like I progressed my character much. I intend to continue devoting much of my time to community events, having fun with friends, and lurking in cities, but I also plan to set some targets that require a little more legwork. So, in no particular order, here are my New Year’s resolutions.

Level A Character In Each Region

I’ve mentioned this before, but despite starting this plan with the best of intentions, I have (like most things in my life) yet to see it through fully. My North American character is getting there slowly, so I need to dedicate some proper time to her. I also want to make characters for both the Japanese and Oceania regions eventually too.

One of the main reasons I want to do this is to increase the range of community events I can attend and participate in for my Community Spotlight articles, but it's also nice to stretch my legs and meet some new friends along the way.

The story and level skips are currently on sale at the optional item store, which is very tempting. I want to continue playing through properly on my NA character, but I might cheat a little for the others. I’m a sucker for throwing cash at things, so it’s pretty much a guarantee at this point.

Level Fisherman

I’m not optimistic enough to think I’ll finish leveling all the classes on my main that I have yet to complete, especially with multiple characters on the go, but I do at least want to get to grips with Fisherman. So many people have recommended it, and after getting my first taste of Ocean Fishing the other day, I am as hooked as the fish on my line. Also, I want to get that Shark mount and the two other minions. We all know I‘m minion-obsessed.

Minion Mop-Up

Speaking of minions, it’s about time I started mopping up some that I am still missing. Some of these require running specific dungeons (some are super old ones, too), while others are from achievements I have yet to earn. Could this be the Year of the Minions? I just need more minions in my life.

Catch Up With Main Scenario Quest

I feel a little bad about how far behind I am in the Main Scenario Quest. With Patch 6.3 fast approaching, I should really sort that out…

Explore More Side Content

Deep Dungeons, Eureka, and all that jazz. I’ve either barely scratched the surface or not even experienced it at all. There is a hell of a lot of side content to Final Fantasy 14, and I’m pretty sure I’m missing out on a good chunk of it. I want to dedicate some time to exploring everything that the game has to offer next year.

There’s also a bunch of stuff I need to catch up with, like the Hildibrand quests, custom delivery quests, and tribal quests… When I think of how much I’m behind on, it feels less likely I’ll manage all of this in 2023.

Suck Less At Raids

I’ve tried a few raids in the past, and I was terrible at all of them. I realise there is so much more to this resolution than meets the eye. I need to sort my gear out. I need to stop being so rusty at my class of choice. I need to actually pay attention and learn raid mechanics. Oh, and as always, I mainly want to achieve this to get that sweet, sweet loot. If I’m going to fail any resolution in 2023, it’s this one.

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