My Time At Portia Sequel Heads To Kickstarter Today

The adorable simulation game, My Time at Portia, is getting a sequel in the form of My Time at Sandrock. The developer is currently holding a Kickstarter for the project, with an anticipated early access release of March 2021 and a full release to follow in spring 2022.

Pathea Games wants to bring My Time at Sandrock to as many platforms as possible. PC players will see the title first, in the form of a Steam Early Access game in 2021. Once all the kinks are worked out, current-gen consoles – PS4, Xbox One, and Switch – along with next-gen consoles will get a release sometime in 2022.

If you know you’re going to pick up My Time at Sandrock, you might as well take advantage of the game’s generous backer rewards. Beyond unlocking the full game for your console of choice, you can also get digital wallpapers, your name on the Pathea Games’ website, an original soundtrack, and much more. Check out its official Kickstarter page if you’re interested.

The team behind My Time at Sandrock said this was initially intended to be a DLC pack for My Time at Portia. However, as development progressed, it became clear that the only way to truly capture the full scale of the team’s vision was to turn the expansion into a new game. While it’ll be similar to its predecessor, My Time at Sandrock will have a deeper storyline, an engaging single-player mode along with a special co-op mode, and more robust RPG elements so you can dig deep into the world of Sandrock.

My Time at Portia was well reviewed when it launched in 2018. Heavily inspired by the Dark Cloud and Harvest Moon series, it saw you take over your Pa’s aging workshop as you attempted to bring it back to life. Along the way you did a bit of farming and exploring – all while getting to know the strange cast of characters scattered throughout Portia.

My Time at Sandrock will enter early access on March 2021. A full release is planned for spring 2022. You can check out its Kickstarter campaign here.

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