Need For Speed Underground 2 Fan Shows What A Remaster Could Look Like

A fan presented his vision of how today's remaster of the iconic arcade street racing title Need for Speed Underground 2 could look. In his artworks, he combined realistic car models with recognizable game environments to create an instant hit with fans of the series.

3D artist nicknamed Darudnik from Russia has five years of experience in creating concepts for various games, working primarily in Blender and Photoshop. His special passion is Need for Speed games, especially Underground and Most Wanted from the early 2000s. With his latest renders, the creator showed just how a potential Underground 2 remaster might look if ever released by Electronic Arts.

As seen in the images across this page, the artist put the enhanced model of Rachel's green Nissan 350Z on the night streets of Bayview City, also offering a look at how an in-game racing event could feel. The shot below gives a bit too much of an NFS Carbon vibe instead, but it's still a curious endeavor.

While it's very unlikely we'll ever get a remake or remaster of an older Need for Speed game due to plenty of licensing issues, fans do not abandon their attempts to show EA just how welcomed such a game could be today. There are plenty of fan projects aiming to revive the cult classics and bring you childhood memories, like the recent footage of Need for Speed Underground 2 remake in Unreal Engine 4. It still requires lots of work, but already looks quite promising.

Some fans still may dream about Underground remakes, but Electronic Arts keeps trying to bring the former glory to the franchise with brand-new games instead. This year's upcoming Need for Speed Unbound seems like a step in the right direction so far, offering the deepest car customization ever in the series, with a freshness of the tweakable animated effects and stylized characters with rich personalities.

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