New 3D South Park game underway from Trey Parker and Matt Stone

The creators of South Park have signed a $900 million deal with Paramount+ for more movies and TV shows… as well as a new game.

It took only a year for the first South Park video game to appear, after the show became an instant hit in 1997, and for most of the time since it’s suffered the usual mix of low rent tie-ins and meritless mobile apps.

2014’s South Park: The Stick Of Truth was a genuinely good game though (and one of the prime examples of a Japanese role-playing game not made by a Japanese company) and so was 2017’s follow-up The Fractured But Whole.

There hasn’t been word of another big budget game since but now that Trey Parker and Matt Stone have signed a $900 million (£646m) deal with ViacomCBS, owners of Paramount+, it seems they’re going to oversee a new game themselves.

The Stick Of Truth and The Fractured But Whole were both published by Ubisoft and it’s unclear if they’re going to be involved this time around.

In fact, the only information comes from a Bloomberg report which reveals that Parker and Stone are going to use their money to invest in a variety of project, including ‘a documentary series, a weed company, and a 3D video game that is set in the world of South Park’.

They’re also making a new movie that is described as being set in the ‘world’ of South Park, which will introduce ‘new concepts and characters’ – essentially forming a South Park cinematic universe of sorts.

The movie is due out this year, which may imply that work on the video game has already begun – if it’s intended as a direct tie-in.

Parker and Stone are keen gamers and South Park has featured many references to video games over the years, many of them very specific and showing an insight into the games industry that no other contemporary show ever has.

To a degree, that was also reflected in the Ubisoft games, although how much that will be the case for the new title remains to be seen.

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