New Blood Releases The DUSK SDK, Unlocks The Modding Floodgates

One of the best things about PC gaming is the ability to mod your games. A staple for years, modding kind of fell by the wayside during the Xbox 360 generation as publishers looked to lock down their games more. Thankfully, some companies aren’t so uptight about their work and will let fans enjoy tinkering with the fruits of their labor. New Blood Interactive is one such example.

In a new update today, New Blood as made the SDK (Software Development Kit) available for its hit 2018 shooter DUSK. One of the best of the genre, DUSK can now be modified to hit your wildest desires. Do you want to convert old Quake maps to run in DUSK? DONE! Do you want to make the demon cart dog thing look like Crash Bandicoot? DONE! Do you want to play DUSK inside of Doom? That’s kind of the reverse, but it’s also DONE!

This release comes after a month of pre-alpha testing for the SDK. In time, Steam workshop integration will be standard and nabbing mods will be even easier for the less tech-savvy out there. If you can’t just wait, though, then head on over to the DUSK mods website, opt into the SDK beta branch on Steam, and get to modding.

You’d think just having the SDK out would be the end for DUSK, but oh no! New Blood made a name for itself by being wild and crazy and you can bet DUSK is only going to become more featured packed over time. In addition to the tools currently available, the SDK will eventually feature support for custom models, scripted events, custom weapons, custom music, a developer console, and Gold Source engine support.

This is even before getting into official features like co-op and expanded multiplayer options. All good things come to those who wait and the community can now twist DUSK into its own perverted vision of shooter perfection. I can only imagine the amount of Doom conversions and Mario re-creations we’ll see.

DUSK isn’t currently on sale, but $20 is honestly a steal. This is an FPS in the vein of classics that have long since died out in the industry. Boomer shooters might be ruling the indie scene, but DUSK was the one that brought them to prominence. If you have any penchant for the classics, you owe it to yourself to buy and play DUSK.

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