New Nintendo Switch Joy-Con design discovered in patent

An alternate version of the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con controllers, perfect for Switch Lite owners, could be in the works.

There are convincing reports that Nintendo is planning to release a new, more powerful version of its Switch console, currently referred to as the Switch Pro.

Now, a recently discovered patent could suggest that the company is working on a new type of Joy-Con controller as well.

The patent, which was first spotted by VGC, was initially filed back in 2018 and only became internationally registered in April 2020.

Though no exact details are provided, the images show that this Joy-Con design is lacking the connectors that would allow it to be attached to the Switch console.

The obvious theory is that this is a standalone controller that could be sold separately, possibly to be used with the portable-only Switch Lite – which requires additional Joy-Cons for multiplayer features.

The next question, though, is how will these new Joy-Cons be recharged if they don’t connect to the console? Either they will require a cable of some sort that can be plugged into the Switch or an outlet, or you’ll simply need to regularly change the battery yourself.

As always, patents aren’t always a confirmation that something will actually be made and, if it does come out, the final design may not reflect the images from the patent.

But if the Switch Pro is indeed real, it wouldn’t be surprising if Nintendo had a new set of controllers to release alongside it.

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