New Online PvPvE Shooter Hawked Gets November 24 Closed Alpha Test

Hawked, a new PvPvE shooter, is getting a worldwide closed alpha test starting November 24. You can sign up to test the colourful extraction shooter today. In the closed alpha for this brand new IP, you'll be able to play solo or on teams of three in the Hunt mode, where you'll have to collect artifacts that give points and power-ups. The closed alpha is PC only but the game will be coming to last and current-gen consoles in the future.

In Hawked, you'll explore the mysterious and remote X-Isle, an island where numerous heroes will fight against other players and creatures to collect artifacts. As well as these player and AI foes, there will also be puzzles, traps, and environmental dangers to contend with. You'll "run, jump, surf, zipline, and soar through an ever-evolving world filled with deadly hazards, lush jungles, and ancient ruins." Sign up for the closed alpha here.

The artifacts you'll be hunting give you and your team points as well as giving you "in-game benefits" that you can use in future games. You get these artifacts by looting them from defeated players or by collecting glyphs from PvE encounters. These glyphs can be used to open a vault that contains multiple artifacts, giving your team a solid advantage if you manage to extract them successfully.

The cinematic trailer for Hawked combines comic book-style onomatopoeia with Into The Spiderverse-esque visual flairs. It seems it's not only Need For Speed Unbound leaning into more cartoonish visuals.

The heroes, mercenaries of the treasure-hunting Renegade, are seen utilising various pieces of equipment like grappling hooks along with environmental transport such as ziplines to navigate the ruins of X-Isle in an attempt to secure an artifact.

We also get a glimpse of the various weapons and how the artifacts can be used to power them up. Both a submachine gun and a purple lightning rifle are seen, used to take down the island's monster inhabitants.

The upcoming shooter is being published in MENA (Middle East and North Africa) and Turkey by The 4 Winds Entertainment, a video game company dedicated to localising global games for the region.

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