New Pokemon Snap: An Unusual Spot Request Guide

New Pokemon Snap is full of some truly remarkable interaction chains. There are so many different ways to make your way through each course and a near-infinite number of ways to interact with all of the Pokemon you’ll encounter along the way. The game does a great job of rewarding you for paying attention to your surroundings because simple interactions often lead to more complex encounters later on. Most of the time these interactions have logic to them and feel like solving a puzzle. Other times, like in the case of An Unusual Spot, the solution is incredibly arcane and nearly impossible to figure out. If you’re having a difficult time figuring out how find a Ledian that eats on land, here’s our step-by-step guide to completing the An Unusual Spot Request in New Pokemon Snap.

How To Complete An Unusual Spot

When Todd asks for a picture of a Ledian eating on land, it can be hard to imagine where you might encounter a Ledian that’s even awake, let alone eating. While you can spot a couple of Ledian at Level 1 in the Founja Jungle (Night), you won’t be able to complete this request until you’ve ground your way to Level 2 — which is no easy feat.

Once you reach Level 2, you’ll start to notice Ledian sleeping on trees throughout the first half of the expedition. There’s one Ledian you can wake up just before the swamp by playing music, but you can’t feed it because it flies away almost immediately.

The Ledian you’re looking for can be summoned by throwing an Illumina Orb at the Crystabloom right next to the ruins. You can find this Crystabloom directly below you about halfway through the course when you travel over the horizontal branch and start to fly towards the waterfall.

Lighting up this Crystabloom will summon three flying Ledians. Two of them will stay airborne while the third, the one closest to the waterfall, will eventually land and start walking around. There are two ways to complete this request: the quick and dirty way, and the complicated way.

The quick and dirty way will you get you completion, but it won’t be a very high-scoring photo. It’s possible to throw a fluffruit at the Ledian that walks around and snap a pic just as your vehicle lands on the other side. This isn’t a consistent method because you may miss the opportunity as trees and branches block your view of the Ledian. If you’re just looking for a completion though, this is a fine way to check An Unusual Spot of your list.

The “correct” way to complete this request involves a short interaction change that starts near the beginning of the course. When you arrive at the first fork, take the right path and avoid the swamp. As you reach a field of tall grass straight ahead, you’ll see several Liepards sleeping. If you look up and to the right just above where Venusaur stands during the Day version of the course, you’ll see a Liepard sleeping on the ridge. Hit this Liepard with an Illumina Orb as you pass by. You’ll know it’s the right one because it will stay lit.

When you come to the flying part of the course you should see another Liepard standing on the highest branch above you. Hit this Liepard with an orb and it will jump onto your vehicle and send you crashing down to the ground near the Ancient Ruins. Now you can light up the Crystabloom with an orb and get a nice close-up shot of the Ledian eating.

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