New Pokemon Snap: Every Course, Ranked

New Pokemon Snap has captured its fan’s hearts, proving to many that snapping them all is far more satisfying than catching. Players have therefore wasted no time grabbing their cameras and exploring every corner of the Lental region, which has proved to be no easy feat, evolving from the seven levels of the N64 original to a staggering 24 new courses.

With so many areas to explore and over 200 Pokemon to discover, traversing the entirety of the Lental Region is no easy task. However, throughout this photography adventure, some of these courses proved more fulfilling than others; providing enriching Pokemon interactions, exciting alternate routes, and even hiding a legendary secret or two. Here are all of them, ranked.

24 Lental Seafloor (Illumina Spot)

This is the home of the Illumina Pokemon Wishiwashi, but apart from this, it offers little in terms of scenery and exciting Pokemon interactions, placing it at the bottom.

23 Outaway Cave (Illumina Spot)

This course is home to the Illumina Pokemon, Steelix, who has some sweet interactions with other Pokemon. However, due to its enormous size and quick movement in tunnels, it can prove difficult to get a satisfying snap.

22 Fireflow Volcano (Illumina Spot)

This Illumina Spot is home to twin Illumina Pokemon — both Volcarona, whose protective shields mean they need to be hit with Fluffruit and Illumina Orbs to snap. The other Pokemon found here don’t prove too exciting, but the interaction between both Volcarona somewhat makes up for it.

21 Elsewhere Forest (Illumina Spot)

Here, you’ll find the Illumina Pokemon Milotic, who swims around the NEO-ONE before rising out the water in beautiful water displays.

Although Milotic can be hard to get a photo of, this interaction feels more exciting than the previous entries and features interaction with other species like Ninetales, Espeon, and a camera-stealing Magikarp.

20 Research Camp

A lot of sweet up-close Pokemon interactions, including inside Professor Mirror’s own lab, take place on this course. Its only letdown is in being so short, but other than that, it’s a novel idea that’s done fairly well.

19 Ruins of Rememberance (Illumina Spot)

The music and feel of these ruins gave players that end-game feeling, and despite some fans being upset with the choice of Xerneas, game makers making use of its in-game lore with its tree-form nonetheless proved a great addition to the course.

18 Florio Nature Park (Illumina Spot)

The first Illumina Spot and home to an enormous Meganium, by far the most fun Illumina Pokemon to photograph. This level also features great shots of Sylveon and the incredibly cute addition of mythical Pokemon Shaymin riding on Meganium’s head.

17 Blushing Beach (Day)

This course is a visually stunning level featuring interactions with waving Pyukumuku, a posing Machamp, and beachside Blastoise.

It successfully gives players of the N64 original a blast of nostalgia for the old beach level, including Surfing Pikachu on a Stunfisk.

16 Maricopia Reef (Day)

Seeing the NEO-ONE take to the sea, Maricopia Reef features Squirtle riding Lapras, a swimming race between a Machamp and Sharpedo, and even a Pyukumuku giving the peace sign from a Pelipper’s beak!

15 Founja Jungle (Day)

This is perhaps one of the best demonstrations of a working Pokemon habitat; with Arboks bullying Wooper, Pikipeks gathering food for the ruling Toucannon, and even the appearance of Mythical Pokemon Mew in its natural jungle habitat.

14 Sweltering Sands (Night)

Featuring an exciting array of Pokemon in an eerie desert after dark, this course includes a Dragon Dancing Flygon, a frightening pack of Lycanroc (Midnight Form), and a dazzling light display from a multicolored troupe of Minior.

13 Maricopia Reef (Evening)

Maricopia Reef offers more in the evening, with the sunset providing an excellent backdrop for photos of surfing Alolan Raichu, a jet setting Blastoise, and even the appearance of Mythical Pokemon Manaphy, alerted by a singing Lapras herd.

12 Sweltering Sands (Day)

Home to a myriad of desert dwellers, this course offers some great photo opportunities in a warring Lycanroc (Midday Form) and Tyranitar, Circling Mandibuzz, and a gang of leaping Onix.

11 Blushing Beach (Night)

A course that appears quiet, players can see this one in an entirely different light with a well-aimed Illumina Orb launched at a far-off Primarina.

Blushing Beach features a warring Zangoose and Seviper, a delighted Pikachu couple, and most importantly, a Primarina Concert featuring a Pyukumuku fan with a front-row seat!

10 Florio Nature Park (Night)

This course features everything we loved from the starter level under the cover of night.

Here we meet a warring Pinsir and Heracross, a squadron of Torterra hunkering down for the night, and a Sylveon sleeping among the tired Pichu and Grookey, exhausted from playing earlier in the day.

9 Lental Seafloor

Lental Seafloor at first sees you in the reef with singing Alomomola, dancing Corsola, and a curious Wailmer.

However, after a Clawitzer unlocks an alternate route, you descend to the depths of the seafloor with a silent unnerving army of Golisipod and a secret cavern, home to a sleeping Lugia.

8 Ruins of Remembrance

Home to the secrets of the Illumina Phenomena, we saw how Pokemon took over these abandoned ruins, similar to how animals do so in the natural world.

As you descend down past the Houndoom standing guard, you see the bright lights of the ruins, lighting up an all-star ensemble of Psychic- and Ghost-types such as Golurk, Beheeyem, and Chandelure, alongside the playful mythical Wish Pokemon Jirachi.

7 Elsewhere Forest

This course has a unique season-changing forest that will take multiple attempts to even begin to understand.

These differing biomes feature some of the most exciting Pokemon encounters; in a playful Gardevoir, watchful Ninetales, and a frankly terrifying troop of Bewear.

6 Founja Jungle (Night)

The atmosphere of the jungle after-dark is nothing short of magical.

The story of the Bounsweet escaping an Ariados’ nest and following Leafeon through the course shows how Snap is evolving Pokemon storytelling, along with a chase with Mew reminiscent of the N64’s Rainbow Cloud mechanics.

5 Shiver Snowfields (Day)

Shiver Snowfields is unsurprisingly home to Ice Pokemon, with a group of playful Piplup and a curious Froslass only getting better with the unlocking of both alternate routes, arguably the hardest to locate in-game.

It’s a level without much fault, showing a successful working habitat with different Pokemon interacting with one another, including a herd of Mamoswine protecting their Swinub from encroaching Weavile.

4 Fireflow Volcano

Fireflow Volcano went back to what the original Snap tried to do with the Volcano over 20 years before and perfected it.

From the Altaria bathing in the hot springs at the start to the later encounters with two territorial Tyrantrum who won’t hesitate to run you down, Fireflow Volcano even went as far as including a hunt for Ho-Oh; arguably one of the most exciting close-up photos to obtain.

3 Florio Nature Park (Day)

It’s hard not to love the level that started your new photography career.

Florio Nature Park is the best at showing how Pokemon warm up to you over time — showing a different side from the core games in how people and Pokemon can co-exist, with the Bidoof even creating their dam as an alternate route for your NEO-ONE. Cute!

2 Outaway Cave

This course is nothing short of spectacular, arguably becoming the benchmark for all future Pokemon caves and featuring a myriad of contrasting Pokemon types co-existing in its murky depths.

This cave is home to some of the Lental region’s more elusive inhabitants such as Goodra, Pumpkaboo, and even a few pranking Gengar.

1 Shiver Snowfields (Night)

Shiver Snowfields lit up against the night’s northern lights is arguably the most beautiful level in the game, especially after unlocking the second alternate route out to the frigid sea.

The moment the NEO-ONE exits the cavern out to this frozen coastline is among the game’s most breathtaking. It’s complete with a glowing Aurorus couple and a pack of howling Mightyena on the hunt, which are both only topped by the shocking appearance of Legendary Beast Suicune, effortlessly running across the open sea.

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