New Pokemon Snap: How To Get Jolteon

Unlike some of the other Eeveelutions in New Pokemon Snap, Jolteon is incredibly difficult to find. At one point, I actually wondered whether it was in the game at all – I had already got four star photos of half the Eeveelutions before I got so much as a glimpse of everybody’s favourite sparky boy from Gen 1.

Fortunately, Jolteon is in New Pokemon Snap, and making your way towards it comes with some pretty neat rewards of its own. It’s not particularly obvious and I imagine a lot of people will be pretty stumped for at least a little while, but once you know where Jolteon is, it’s pretty easy to make your way back there whenever you want.

If you’ve spent ages searching for Jolteon and still can’t seem to find it, look no further than this New Pokemon Snap Jolteon location guide, which also includes details of how to snap a four star photo of this elusive fan-favourite.

Here’s everything you need to know about Jolteon in New Pokemon Snap.

New Pokemon Snap: How To Get Jolteon

Jolteon can be found in Outaway Cave in New Pokemon Snap, although you won’t find it on one of the more standard routes. Instead, there’s actually an additional alternate route where Mawile is. Here are all the steps for unlocking it.

  • Load Outaway Cave at research level three.
  • When you get to the junction midway through the level, turn right.
  • This should lead to Mawile and Carbink, not Goodra and Hydreigon.
  • When you turn right, you will go into a narrow tunnel.
  • There are two Geodude fighting on your left and a Croagunk sleeping on your right.
  • At the end of the tunnel, look down and you will see one Mawile and two Carbink.
  • Throw Illumina orbs at all three Pokemon and Diancie will come out.
  • Throw an Illumina orb at Diancie and it will emit a blast of light.
  • This will calm down the Mawile further along the main path, opening up an alternate route that wasn’t accessible before.
  • Go down this alternate route and you will go into a large open area with plants.
  • Jolteon is hiding in a bush immediately to your left.

New Pokemon Snap: How To Take A Four Star Photo Of Jolteon

When you first encounter Jolteon, it’s angry and won’t come out of the bushes. Still, just like every Pokemon in the game, it’s possible to get a four star photo of Jolteon – here’s how.

  • When you enter the area with Jolteon, immediately start throwing fluffruit at it and around it.
  • This will attract a nearby Joltik who will proceed to jump on Jolteon’s back.
  • Jolteon will buck the Joltik off its back and jump out from the bush.
  • When it charges up electricity and emits a Thunderbolt-esque move, snap a photo.
  • This should almost always award you a high-scoring, four star shot of Jolteon.

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