New Saints Row Trailer Shows In-Depth Look At Chaotic Gameplay

We are less than two weeks away from the return of The Saints, and that means it’s time to get a good look at all the mayhem you’ll get up to as the boss of the most up-and-coming gang in Saint Ileso.

If you haven’t seen any of Saints Row’s previous trailers, the latest six-minutes of gameplay tells you basically everything you need to know. As the Boss, you found The Saints, a criminal enterprise that has its greedy little hands in basically everything, from high-profile heists to low-profile scams. Your home base is a converted church in Saint Ileso, which is a city that sort of looks like if Las Vegas and Reno had a baby in New Mexico and didn’t tell anyone about it.

Standing in between you and financial security are several rival gangs. Los Panteros are a panther-themed smuggling operation that can’t decide whether they’re crossfit enthusiasts or luchadors. The Idols are EDM-loving Burning Man rejects with holster straps and LED faceplates. And The Marshals are basically the cops but with better tactical gear than the US Army. We’re talkin’ futuristic night vision goggles beneath cowboy hats while singing "yee-haw" on the back of a tank.

At your side are your fellow associates. Eli is a nerdy guy in a bowtie with an MBA and a dream. Kev hates shirts, loves to party, and has no problem with pulling the trigger on anyone who spoils the mood. Neenah is the getaway driver–an important position when the whole city is gunning for you.

Thankfully, your arsenal will eventually grow to be as powerful as anything in Saint Illeso. Assault rifles, submachine guns, and pistols are all just the tip of the bullet iceberg. The real meat of your gun sandwich includes a giant colorful mallet, a confetti grenade launcher, an umbrella machine gun, a home-made bazooka, and guitar case rocket launcher.

If fighting on foot gets tired, you’ll have a full garage of customizable cars to keep you rolling. There’s also boats, choppers, tanks, and futuristic VTOL stealth aircraft to steal too.

Check out our preview to get a feel for Saints Row ahead of the game’s August 23 release. And if you want to get a head start, download the Boss Creator to have your personal avatar ready for launch day.

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