New Screenshots From Bright Memory: Infinite Show Intense Combat

Bright Memory: Infinite – one of the games presented in Microsoft’s first Xbox Series X Showcase – promises to be a gritty, atmospheric shooter thanks to new screenshots. Developer FYQD shared four new images that gave us a closer look at the game’s combat, which we’ll get to experience when the game releases in 2021.

Posted through the studio’s official Twitter account, the screenshots – captured on a PC with an Nvidia RTX 3090 – ooze the shooter’s rich aesthetic with a hint of sci-fi in its design. Set in the year 2036, Bright Memory: Infinite revolves around SRO agents tasked with investigating a scientific and supernatural phenomenon. The screenshots reveal nothing of the mysterious phenomenon, however, they do give us a first-hand look at combat.

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The primary image features a first-person perspective behind an assault rifle as it fires rounds. Set in a cobbled Asian precinct, we can see scattered enemies dressed in suits of armor. The second image doesn’t hold back in exposing the game’s gore, where the player’s character can be seen decapitating an enemy with a fierce-looking sword.

The third image shows a third-person view of the game’s protagonist, Shelia, kneeling on the outskirts of the precinct ready to enter combat. The final image features a mechanical enemy charging towards Sheila – whose gun is aimed and ready to fire – in an abandoned structure.

The Chinese-based developer FYQD mentioned that development was “very smooth,” suggesting that the game is on track for its release next year. Bright Memory first appeared with the title “Episode 1” back in January 2019, arriving through Steam’s Early Access Program. It was reportedly created by one developer and received positive reviews before being pulled in March 2020. Bright Memory then began its transformation into a fully-fledged game under the title Bright Memory: Infinite. Gameplay has been compared to Devil May Cry for its combined attacks in combat, while retaining the classic FPS mechanics.

Overall, gameplay looks very inviting. The shooter’s setting blends the aesthetic of an ancient village with the futuristic uniforms that the deployed agents wear. All of the new screenshots showed constant rain mixing with the autumn leaves, which added another layer of character to the game’s personality.

Bright Memory: Infinite will run on current and next-gen Xbox consoles and PC some time next year. Microsoft will be hosting a launch livestream for the Xbox Series X on November 10.

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