New Sonic Frontiers Merch Includes Koco That Actually Grows Flowers

New Sonic Frontiers merch is dropping in Japan, including a Koco that can actually grow flowers out of its head. The little guys are even recreated as the same size they would be in the game, letting you amass your own Koco collection as you do in Frontiers.

A preview of the new Sonic Frontiers merch includes a fluffy Sonic hoodie, edible chaos emeralds, and of course, the Koco planter. There's no word on if/when we can expect these items outside of Japan, but it looks like a lot of effort has gone into the merch, so it would be strange for them not to see a wider release.

This latest line of Sonic merch was previewed by the folks over at the Japanese gaming news outlet, Denfaminicogamer. Arriving in a treasure chest similar to what you can find in Frontiers' fishing minigame, there were three goodies revealed in the preview, and all bring a different aspect of the game to life.

Perhaps the most eye-catching is the Koco planter, since it's rare to see a company sell plant pots to promote its games. But on top of that and the Sonic hoodie, we also get some edible amber sugar chaos emeralds.

Looking at the pictures, it seems that the items were sent to the team to promote the various updates Frontiers will receive in 2023. With that in mind, it's possible that they will become available to the general public when the updates are with us, the first of which will add a jukebox, photo mode, and new challenges. It's not known when exactly the expansions will go live, but there are three spread out over the year so far.

Other outlets and influencers also received the package, so it doesn't seem like this is a one-off. It's not even up for general sale in Japan yet, however, so we may be in for a bit of a wait if we want to get our hands on any of these items overseas. Right now, it's the final day of a giveaway to bag these items yourself, but this is only open to fans in Japan.

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