Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl’s First Free DLC Character Is Being Announced Next Week, Is Definitely Garfield

Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl will announce its first post-launch character on December 9, but we all already know it's going to be Garfield.

Before All-Star Brawl launched back in October, Ludosity confirmed that two characters were going to be added to the game as free post-launch DLC, alongside several paid characters. Although we don't know anything about the paid DLC, we do know who the first two free characters are thanks to datamining – Garfield and Shredder.

The official All-Star Brawl Twitter page confirmed that the first of those DLC characters is going to be revealed on December 9. Although the Tweet from the official account gave no hints at the character, Thaddeus Crews, character designer and programmer on Nick Brawl made a Tweet that pretty much confirms that we'll be seeing Garfield.

In response to the announcement Tweet, Thaddeus Crews said, "Huh. I wonder who that's for", which is a reference to a Garfield meme where Garfield is looking at a no-entry sign featuring his face and wondering who it's for sarcastically. If it wasn't already obvious from the numerous references to Garfield that Crews has on his Twitter bio, then this joke only makes it even more clear that Garfield is the first DLC character that is going to be announced.

Even if Thaddeus Crews hadn't Tweeted something that made it so obvious, it still would have been clear that Garfield is the next character coming to the game. When All-Star Brawl first launched, his and Shredder's data were the only ones that were found that had proper work done to them.

Although neither of them had finished character models, Garfield's stage was fully modelled, and his whole moveset could be put onto another character. Meanwhile, Shredder doesn't have a finished stage associated with him just yet, which means that Garfield is likely further in development and much more likely to be revealed and released first.

It's not clear from the Tweet when we can expect to see Garfield in All-Star Brawl, but we'll likely find out on December 9.

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