Nier Replicant: Where To Find Broken Wristwatch

Nier Replicant has plenty of items for you to collect – and you’ll need to grab all of the weapons if you intend to see every ending – but upgrading them is another story. If you want to upgrade every weapon to its full potential and reveal its weapon story, then you’ll need to do some serious grinding for raw materials.

There’s a long list of raw materials you’ll need to finish every weapon, but one of the more annoying requests is for the Broken Wristwatch.  You’ll need 11 of these to finish upgrades in Nier Replicant, and the game can be quite stingy. So, before you follow this, or any of our material grinding guides, make sure you’ve equipped Words with increased drop rate bonuses.

How To Get Broken Wristwatch

To begin your hunt, you’ll need to travel to the Southern Plains – it’s easiest to go ahead and enter from the corner where Seafront is.

Once there, you’re looking for the large, armored Shades holding shields. They spawn in bigger groups if it’s sunny outside, and spawn with smaller Shades if it’s cloudy. They’re a bit of a pain to kill compared to their tiny counterparts, so go for staggers to make quick work of them.

There should be a couple of sets of these guys, all the way back towards Emil’s Mansion. It’s easiest to wipe them out along that path from Seafront to the Mansion, then quickly enter and exit Seafront to get them to respawn.

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