Nintendo cancels Christmas by delaying Advance Wars remake

Prepare yourself for the worst video game news of the year: the Advance Wars remake has been pushed into 2022.

We’re normally forgiving of video game delays, since it allows extra development time and ensures, that the final product can be the best it can be. But we’re taking this one as a personal sleight since Nintendo is denying us a remake of the best game ever: Advance Wars.

Titled Advance Wars 1+2: Reboot Camp, it’s actually two remakes in one, giving strategy fans old and new the chance to experience both of these classic Game Boy Advance games with a fresh coat of paint.

Nintendo hasn’t stated exactly why the game will no longer release on December 3 as planned (it’s payback for all those times we slagged off Kirby, isn’t it?). All it says is that it’s now aiming for a spring 2022 release window, and it simply needs ‘a little more time for fine tuning’.

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