Nintendo Support Claims It Has Received No Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Complaints

Despite Pokemon Scarlet & Violet shipping more than ten million copies in its first three days, many who have played the new games are less than pleased with their performance. Social media has been flooded with clips of the various bugs and glitches the games appear to be plagued with, but despite all of that, Nintendo claims it hasn't heard any reports from disgruntled trainers.

That's according to one player on Reddit (thanks, Dot Esports) who decided to go to the source in search of answers. The player shared that they had contacted Nintendo's customer support and also revealed the response they received. The Nintendo employee claimed this was the first they'd heard about any issues with the games, and that there are no patches or updates in place to fix such problems.

The Scarlet & Violet player has shared their experience with Nintendo's customer support in the hope that more people will voice their concerns with the games. It's possible everyone has taken to Twitter to poke fun and collectively complain about the game's glitches, but very few of those players have actually gone to the source to inform Nintendo, Game Freak, and Pokemon of their grievances.

On the other hand, it does seem unlikely that this particular Reddit user was the very first Scarlet & Violet owner to voice their concerns to Nintendo. A former customer support worker has revealed in the replies that Nintendo likely outsources this service and that regardless of the number of complaints, whether similar or not, employees are given a blanket response. Usually something along the line of the one this player was given in that they're the first to flag the issues and that no known fixes are in the pipeline.

As for some of the problems trainers have faced in Scarlet & Violet's first week, a duplication glitch, letting players skip school, and being able to move twice as fast if you plug in a second controller. If you do want these problems to be fixed faster, it might be worth dropping Nintendo a line, but do it nicely. The customer support workers aren't the ones responsible for the games' issues.

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