Nintendo Switch Online’s Game Boy Collection Doesn’t Have A "Set Schedule"

Nintendo has confirmed that it has no set "release schedule" for when it'll add new Game Boy and Game Boy Advance games to Nintendo Switch Online.

Earlier this week, Nintendo held its first Direct of the year, revealing and shadow-dropping Metroid Prime Remastered, showcasing a new trailer for Tears of the Kingdom, and giving a release date to Pikmin 4, among several other surprises. One of the best reveals of the event was that Game Boy and Game Boy Advance games are being added to Nintendo Switch Online, joining the current lineup of NES and SNES titles.

Nintendo showcased a number of games during the reveal that would be dropping on the same day, alongside teasing several other titles that will be added to the service at a later date. Even though we know that more games are going to be added to the service, it seems like all we can do is wait, as Nintendo has confirmed that there's no release schedule in place for games being added to Nintendo Switch Online.

That's according to Axios gaming newsletter co-author Stephen Totilo, who asked Nintendo if we can expect to see new Game Boy and Game Boy Advance games added to Nintendo Switch Online every month. In response, Nintendo said, "There is no set schedule for new releases, but each collection will continue to grow.”

This probably won't come as too much of a surprise to anyone who's familiar with Nintendo's approach to bringing over its classic games to Nintendo Switch Online. Still, considering we've seen a fair few of the games it intends to add to the service in the future, here's hoping that it tries to be a little bit more consistent about it this time around.

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