Nintendo Wrote Back To Someone Who Sent In A Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC Request

Usually getting any form of correspondence from Nintendo is not good news, as most fans have grown used to news of cease and desist letters or lawsuits the company has pursued to defend its gaming properties. However, one Super Smash Bros. Ultimate player was lucky enough to skip those legal problems and instead get some recognition for his work.

As series creator Masahiro Sakurai explained recently, Smash Ultimate is nearing the end of its update cycle with two remaining DLC characters set to be the final reveals for the game. With that in mind, Smash fans have spent months theory-crafting just which gaming icons could book those two spots in a roster that has become a video game hall of fame of sorts.

For a 17-year-old named Miles, this speculation presented the perfect opportunity to send Nintendo his own personal request to include the Captain Toad as part of Smash Ultimate’s Fighter Pass 2, and as it turns out he got a pretty wholesome response. Nintendo of America thanked Miles for such dedication, noting “You also included some drawings and descriptions for an original move set. It’s flattering Nintendo has inspired your creativity,” and even prompting the aspiring the young gamer to keep these type of ideas in a journal.

To make things even better, the letter from Nintendo came packed with some art goodies featuring Super Mario Bros. The company representatives also agreed to send the letter “up to the appropriate departments.” For anyone curious to find out what’s the best way to get Nintendo’s attention nowadays, Miles simply took time to write an actual letter and mail it to Nintendo of America headquarters, which is probably why Nintendo thought the effort was worth replying to.

Before anyone starts looking for stamps to send their letters to Nintendo, it’s well worth reminding that Sakurai himself explained during Pyra and Mythra’s presentation that DLC spots in the roster were actually decided quite a long time ago, so there’s not really any room for any kind of last-minute requests to add any character that wasn’t already planned from the get-go. Considering Nintendo’s E3 presentation will be 40 minutes long, there plenty of chance a new Smash Ultimate character could be announced during this event.

The latest Nintendo Direct will air on the back of a massive wave of rumors that are pinpointing the New Nintendo Switch Pro would cost €399 and be ready to order as soon as this Friday, even though Nintendo specifically said the E3 event will be limited to software news.

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