No Man’s Sky Crashing: New update for NMS Beyond following release

And the good news is that developers Hello Games are already working on a number of fixes for affected PC, Xbox One and PS4 gamers.

Reports of problems with No Man’s Sky Crashing started appearing online following the launch of Beyond.

It appears that a lot of issues are being flagged on the console version of the game, which is also usually the last to receive fixes.

Players who are trying to access their saved games following the release of NMS Beyond say that they are hit with numerous crashes.

These issues boot players out of the game and have also been linked to explorers trying to interact with the multiplayer Space Anomaly.

One user explains their plight on PS4, revealing: “I Came back after a year or so off and was super excited to see the new updates.

“I Tried a new game spent all the time fixing old bessy up, and I can’t leave the planet. Eight crashes later I figure, hmm maybe I’ll try creative mode.

“Nope same thing. Back to the dusty collection she goes.”

The community rallied around the affected gamer who has confirmed that they will not be perma-shelving the game in the future.

Players on PC have also flagged serious issues while trying to play No Man’s Sky in VR Mode.

The good news is that Hello Games have confirmed that several new updates are being tested for the game.

Sean Murray on Twitter just a few hours ago: “Updated build has been sent to experimental branch on PC with further fixes, including some early Nexus issues resolved.

“This will go live to everyone on PC soon. These will be rolled up for PS4 and Xbox (MS/Sony cert means this is a tiny bit slower).”

Further news on the launch of the No Man’s Sky Beyond update was shared with Kotaku, Murray replying via email:

“Already today we have brought together a build for some of our statistically more important issues on Xbox and PS4.

“Similarly on PC we expect to get changes to experimental on PC very soon after release.”

So a fix is definitely on the way and should make it possible for console gamers to dig into the new expansion in August.

For those that might have missed the big news, No Man’s Sky Beyond is the latest free expansion for the controversial space game.

Beyond is described as three major updates rolled into one, and is compared to last year’s NEXT update in terms of scope.

Arguably the biggest new feature is virtual reality support for PSVR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Virtual reality fans can play the entire adventure in VR, while No Man’s Sky new expanded online features are also available now.

No Man’s Sky Online is described as a “radical new social and multiplayer experience that empowers players everywhere in the universe to meet and play together”.

Beyond’s multiplayer offering will feature its own set of missions, as well as a new social space.

Other new features include creature taming, riding and milking; new cooking skills and recipes; brand new aliens; Power and Logic and Industrial Bases; plus much more.

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