No Man’s Sky Player Creates Massive Skee-Ball Machine

Frankly, I find skee-ball games hard enough when they’re just a few meters long. Imagine the skill required to hit a bullseye when the skee-ball lane spans an entire mountain valley.

That’s what we have thanks to No Man’s Sky player legend-of-viper. They created an enormous skee-ball ball machine that can be played by two players in-game. All you gotta do is find it.

The rules are fairly simple for skee-ball: get it in the outer ring for one point, the inner ring for two points, and hit the bullseye for three points. Miss the rings entirely and you get nothing. But instead of rolling the ball down an incline, players shoot balls that are the size of their spaceships using their multitools.

The game is played by two players, with each having their own ramps. There's a little button that spawns the ball, and the bullseye even lights up when you hit your mark. Scoring is done through a series of logic circuits adds points based on where the ball impacts. There are separate floor switches for each scoring area. Score is displayed on the digital playboard that's large enough for the players to see easily from a distance, which is important when your playing field is the size of several football fields.

In order to give the player more control over how much oomph they put into their shot, you’ll have to use something with a charge-up mechanic. It looks like legend-of-viper uses the Blaze Javelin in their video, which produces a more powerful shot the longer you hold down the trigger. Not sure if the neutron cannon would have the same effect, but try it out for yourself and report back.

The only downside to the skee-ball machine is that it’s located in the Eisentam galaxy, which isn’t No Man’s Sky’s default. That means you’ll need to have unlocked access to other galaxies before you can go visit the giant skee-ball machine’s location. Check out the video above for the location code and coordinates.

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