No More Heroes 3 Coming To Xbox, PlayStation, And PC October 14

After previously confirming No More Heroes 3 would be coming to more platforms other than Nintendo Switch earlier this year, Suda51 left us hanging. It then revealed the release dates for other platforms in Japan, but has finally confirmed when exactly fans of the series who don't own a Switch, or want to play it again on a different platform, will be able to do so. This autumn, as promised, on October 14.

Well, if you want to play No More Heroes 3 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, or Xbox Series X|S, you'll have to wait until October 14. The third game in the series will be available to play on PC through Steam three days prior to that on October 11. As already revealed prior to today's annoucnement, which came in the form of a bonkers new trailer, No More Heroes will launch on various new platforms on October 6, 2022, in Japan.

No More Heroes 3 was a timed Switch exclusive, having arrived on the platform almost a year ago. It will have actually been well over a year by the time October 14 rolls around, but better late than never. Even better for those of you who like to physically hold your games, the PS5 and Xbox versions of No More Heroes 3 will be getting boxed versions. Priced at £49.99, the physical copy comes with an all-new illustration by series artist Yusuke Kozaki for the case, three art cards, and a double-sided poster.

For those unfamiliar with the No More Heroes games, they follow the escapades of Travis Touchdown. As you can see in the trailer, although Touchdown's primary goal is protecting the planet from alien henchmen and to rise up the Galactic Superhero Rankings, there are a number of other weird and wonderful things to do in the latest installment. Yes, that is a brief clip of Touchdown unclogging a toilet, the enthusiasm with which he does it being controlled by how feverishly you jostle the right analog stick.

While there's nothing officially in the pipeline just yet, Suda51 appears to be open to turning the No More Heroes games into a movie or TV show. Pretty much every other game is getting the adaptation treatment right now, and if a studio ever knocks on Suda51's door, the team wants Ryan Gosling to play Touchdown.

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