No More Heroes 3 Will Be 60fps When It Launches On PlayStation, Xbox, And PC October 6

Earlier this year, Xseed Games announced that No More Heroes 3 will make its way to current and previous-gen consoles, as well as PC. The once-Nintendo Switch exclusive is scheduled to hit other platforms on October 6. As that date approaches, more information is being released about what this version of the game will look like. Specifically, it will include Japanese voice acting and run at 60fps.

Over on Twitter, a Suda51 news account has revealed several pieces of information regarding the upcoming No More Heroes 3 release. For starters, the account, @TravisDiesAgain, tweeted out a link to a Japanese trailer for the game that revealed the October 6 release date. Plus, that release date will reportedly be a worldwide release for the PlayStation, Xbox, and PC versions of the game.

Breaking down the accompanying trailer, the game will also incorporate Japanese voice acting for the first time. Of course, it will also utilize the power of next-gen consoles and include 4K/60 fps cutscenes. The game’s Japanese site has been completely rehauled in preparation for the upcoming release. It shows off some key art from the game, as well as a few video clips.

One of those clips from the game’s official Japanese website is a look at how the game runs on other platforms. The 30-second snippet shows off some gameplay from the upcoming console release, and it looks to be a smooth transition from Switch to other platforms. In fact, one of the things we noted in our initial review of the Nintendo Switch game was that its performance felt inhibited by the console. Perhaps the game’s rough edges will be smoothed out on more powerful consoles.

Oddly enough, No More Heroes creator Goichi “Suda51” Suda once revealed to us that the game would not release beyond the Nintendo Switch. Luckily, that changed, and No More Heroes 3 will get new life on next-gen consoles.

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