No, That’s Not The PS1 Spider-Man In The Across The Spider-Verse Trailer

A Spider-Man variant in the Across the Spider-Verse trailer that's being touted as Neversoft's PS1 Spider-Man might not actually be that version of the web-crawler after all.

Yesterday, Sony released the second trailer for Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, giving us a better look at all the different Spider-people who are going to appear in the film, even including Insomniac's version of the character. There was plenty in the trailer to take a look at and analyse, but one thing that has stood out to a lot of fans so far is the possible appearance of the PS1 Spider-Man model.

Towards the end of the trailer, Miles is seen running away from a massive group of Spider-people, giving us another set of suits to look out for. The one that has attracted the most attention is a Spider-Man who seems to be based on the version seen in the PS1 Neversoft games, who can be seen on the left running across the bridge as Miles tries to escape.

After the trailer debuted, many started speculating that this Spider-Man was indeed the Neversoft version of the character, using the blocky model and strange run cycle as evidence. Although it's true that this web crawler is a bit blocky and does have a weird run, we might just be seeing what we want to see.

Taking a closer look at the model seen in the trailer, it becomes clear pretty fast that it's not the Neversoft version of the character, although they might be inspired by that. For starters, the pattern on the suit is completely different, with completely blue arms and a red web pattern going down the knees. This Spider-person also has a completely different body type to the PS1 Spider-Man, which can be seen when they run.

The only thing that really resembles the Neversoft version of Spider-Man is the blockiness and the size of the eyes, but that's really about it. Considering how many variants we see in the trailer, it seems likely to have been inspired by the PS1 Spider-Man, but it isn't the same thing.

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