Oculus Go, PlayStation VR & More all Discounted for Amazon Prime Day

Online retail giant Amazon has once again commenced its massive Prime Day sales extravaganza, discounting thousands of items. This year Amazon Prime Day isn’t just one day either, shoppers have got a full 48 hours to fill their shopping baskets. And for those eyeing up some virtual reality (VR) deals, there are a few choice offers to be found for PlayStation VR, Oculus Go and even Oculus Quest, just so long as you’re a Prime member.

For Amazon Prime Day VRFocus has located the best VR deals on both the US and UK stores, with some significant savings to be had for customers on both sides of the Atlantic when it comes to hardware.

Amazon Prime Day – UK

PlayStation VR

  • PlayStation VR Mega Pack – £209.00 GBP (normally £299.99) – Save 30%
  • PlayStation VR Starter Pack – £179.99 – (normally £234.04) – Save 23%

Oculus Go

  • Oculus Go (32GB) – £159.00 (normally £194) – Save 18%
  • Oculus Go (32GB with Travel Case) – £175.99 (normally £213.99) – Save 18%
  • Oculus Go (64GB) – £209.00 (normally £244.00) – Save 14%
  • Oculus Go (64GB with Travel Case) – £225.99 (normally £263.99)

Oculus Rift CV1

  • Oculus Rift + Touch Controllers – £329.99 (normally £349.99) – Save 6%

Oculus Quest

  • Oculus Quest (64GB + Case) – £399.99 (normally £433.99) – Save 8%
  • Oculus Quest (128GB + Case) – £499.99 (normally £533.99 – Save 6%

HTC Vive

  • HTC VIVE Pro Full Kit with Wireless Adapter and Pro Clip – £1,574.99 (normally £1,664.98) – Save 5%

Amazon Prime Day – US

Oculus Go

  • Oculus Go (32GB) – $159.00 USD (normally $199.00) – Save 20%
  • Oculus Go (64GB) – $209.00 (normally £249.00)

HTC Vive

  • HTC Vive Pro Headset – $799 (no discount listed, Amazon states: “Try Prime FREE and get additional savings on this item.”)
  • HTC Vive Pro Starter Kit – $1,099.00 (no discount listed, Amazon states: “Try Prime FREE and get additional savings on this item.”)

And that’s your lot. If there are any offers that VRFocus didn’t spot then please let everyone know in the comments section below. It’s a little shame Amazon’s hardware sales have arrived now, as both Steam and Oculus’ Summer sales have now been and gone. There hasn’t been a summer sale for PlayStation VR software just yet, so now would be a good opportunity to grab a headset, especially when the PlayStation VR Mega Pack is so heavily discounted.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of the latest VR deals, reporting back with further announcements and updates.

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