Operation: Orphix Venom Will Have Warframe Players Use Necramechs To Fight Off Waves Of Sentient AIs

Deimos: Arcana is hardly the end of Warframe’s story. The Sentients are still out there looking for opportunities to strike, and it looks like they’ll be finding that opportunity in Warframe’s next limited-time operation. Unless you stop them, of course.

Operation: Orphix Venom is coming soon to PC, according to Warframe developer Digital Extremes. The Orphix are Sentient AIs that have the ability to disable Warframes, rendering them useless. To fight back, Tenno will need to instead use the giant, lumbering, and simple Necramech to fight off waves of Sentient aggressors.

This is probably why DE’s chief operating officer told us to invest some time in the Necramech system. But don’t worry if you haven’t–loaner Necramechs will be available to new players or Tenno who haven’t spent time on Deimos unlocking their own Necramechs. Although you really should grab your own if you can. Necramechs are a fun change of pace from Warframe’s lightning-fast gameplay in favor of a more plodding, deliberate style of play more common to other games.

It doesn’t take long to start unlocking your very own Necramech in the open-world Deimos expansion, so you’ve got plenty of time to get started.

In return for saving the solar system from evil robots, you’ll be rewarded with Arcanes and parts for the new alchemist Warframe, Lavos. We got to see some Lavos gameplay as part of the latest dev stream, and he’s definitely got a unique style to him. Lavos can combine elements by holding down ability buttons, eventually unleashing powers in unexpected ways. At least, until you get the hang of him.

No timeframe on when Operation: Orphix Venom will drop, but when DE says “soon” they usually mean it.

In the meantime, Tennobaum is still ongoing and brings great rewards so long as Tenno keep giving each other gifts. Tennobaum runs from now until December 21, so keep sending out gifts to receive Glyphs, Customizations, and Boosters in return.

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