OTK Co-Founder Rich Campbell Resigns Amidst Sexual Assault Allegations

Rich Campbell has been asked to resign from his role at OTK after allegations of sexual assault against him have emerged. The controversy kicked off after Campbell's girlfriend Mia Malkova spoke about him having a pregnancy fetish on a podcast. Soon after that, social media influencer, Azalia Lexi put up a Tweet saying that she was sexually assaulted by him.

She Tweeted, "i know mia malkova isn’t lying about rich campbell’s pregnant fetish because he said he wanted to get me pregnant while he assaulted me and then sent me into the streets at 3 am by myself with nowhere to go.i don’t care if you believe me at this point. im sick of pretending it didn’t happen. so there it is."

To add to this, Lexi posted a TwitLonger post that described the alleged incident in horrifying detail, along with screenshots of text messages to back it up.

As a result, OTK has asked Campbell to resign, and has shared a brief statement. "Today we learned of troubling allegations made against one of our founders, Rich Campbell," said the statement by the organisation. "Rich has resigned from OTK effective immediately. OTK stands firmly against sexual harrasment and assault and is committed to upholding its core values. We'd like to thank our community for the continuous support and share your disappointment."

It appears that OTK's other co-founder, Asmongold, is in agreement with the company's decision to ask Campbell to resign, as he has Retweeted the statement as well. However, he has not made a personal statement about the controversy as of yet.

Campbell has reacted to the allegations, and has said that he will soon be sharing his side of the story. "I have read the statements made against me today. I will share my side of the story, but need some time to collect my thoughts," he Tweeted. "OTK has requested that I resign from my position, and I have agreed. I will make an update soon."

As you'd expect, Lexi has been receiving a lot of online hate for her allegations, prompting her to turn her account private.

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