Outriders Players Are Kicking Squamates Out Before They Can Collect Their Loot

As if it wasn’t hard enough to join a multiplayer game in Outriders, it now seems that some griefers have been kicking squadmates out in Expeditions before they can collect their loot.

Expeditions is Outrider’s endgame mode, which tasks three players with revisiting certain parts of the map and fighting through tons of enemies to reach a drop pod with some sweet loot in it;. kind of like Destiny’s Strikes. The tier system continually increases the difficulty of these Expeditions in return for better loot. It gets pretty hard at some points, which makes it all the more frustrating to get kicked out just before collecting the loot you’ve earned.

Annoyed players have taken to the Outrider Subreddit to air their grievances. “I hope you guys address players being kicked by players after the final encounter in expeditions…this happened to me and i missed out on loot…i joined in early on an expedition, helped the guy all the way to the end and right before we opened the drop pod he kicked me…this was totally unfair…the same way someone cant join after the last encounter starts, should be the same for kicking someone,” wrote FancyTangerine3312.

It seems that this toxic behaviour isn’t limited to a few cases. “Happened to me in my very first ct14 Gold clear, didn’t advance to ct 15 at the time because of it and obviously also didn’t get any loot. Was mad enough to make a thread about it here as well,” wrote Malekith24. “It’s 2021 and people are still kicking before loot drop? How is this even a thing? I actually do not understand why someone would do this. How do people enjoy doing this?” said TxDieselKid.

Considering how hard the later tiers can be, the frustration of fighting through it all, only to be denied your reward is understandable. There has been no word from People Can Fly about this issue as of yet. The subreddit is filled with complaints and even suggestions on how to tackle the issue.

One fan suggested that kicking players out in the final room should be disabled, while others suggested a timer to block kicking after clearing the final room is cleared, so that players can pick up their rewards.

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