Over 40 Minutes Of Diablo 4 Gameplay Footage Has Reportedly Leaked

Not even 24 hours after footage of GTA 6 leaks online, a new leak brings us 43 minutes of Diablo 4 gameplay.

The leak comes courtesy of Reddit user iV1rus0 over on the Gaming Leaks and Rumors subreddit (with thanks to VGC). "This appears to be from the family & friends test going on with [Diablo 4]," wrote iV1rus0. "The game seems solid, and it looks amazing in ultrawide."

The footage is broken into two clips: a shorter 5-minute clip and a longer 38-minute one. It appears to be pre-alpha test footage, judging by the lack of textures on certain objects. It also appears to be recorded from Discord as the first clips contain several people speaking over the gameplay.

"Are you watching Skye right now? Watch Skye right now," says one viewer while another replies, "Why are we watching Skye? What he is playing?" The second person then accuses the footage of being "Skyrim 2," not believing it could be Diablo 4.

"It is," replies the first person. Each voice sounds like they've been altered to protect their identities.

Unfortunately, the footage is watermarked with an ID code, so the source of this leak can be easily tracked. Typically, these sorts of tests require the signing of NDAs with legal consequences should information leak.

As for the footage itself, it’s definitely a Diablo game. The GUI appears very similar to both Diablo 3 and Diablo 2, and the game retains its top-down isometric camera view. The first clip also shows an in-game store where players can spend "palladium" for cosmetic bundles. It’s unclear if palladium is a premium or in-game currency.

The Diablo 4 leak comes mere hours after gameplay footage of GTA 6 leaked online. The footage seemed to feature a female protagonist (as expected from previous reports) and locations that looked very similar to Vice City. Rockstar was reportedly "devastated" by the leak, which is rumored to have come from a 16-year-old hacker.

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