Overcooked, Rogue-Lite, And Australian Culture Combine In These Co-Op Indie Games

French games publisher Asmodee Digital has announced that it will be publishing two new titles that focus on multiplayer co-op: Innchanted and Ember Knights. Innchanted is an inn-management co-op adventure while Ember Knights is an action rogue-lite dungeon crawler.

Developed by DragonBear Studios out of Australia, Innchanted is a great blend of resource management and Overcooked action. Players will need to team up in order to brew potions, cook meals, deter monsters, and serve customers before their impatience becomes your problem. To save their inn, players will have to stay one step ahead of the evil Wizard as he tried to cause chaos and steal the inn for himself.

Already recognized for its outstanding and unique gameplay, Innchanted was selected as Australia’s finalist for UKIE’s EuroPlay Games Contest at Gamescom 2020. The game is a perfect escape for anyone wanting to manage their own magical inn while being surrounded by a unique Australia-Indigenous universe packed with culture and community.

Meanwhile, Ember Knights is being developed by Tiny Titan Studios where up-to four players will take control of the titular Ember Knights to save multiple worlds from destruction. These worlds are filled with a variety of weapons, magical abilities, and upgrades, as well as a ton of bosses and enemies looking to wreak havoc. Each play through of the rogue-lite offers procedurally generated dungeons to keep the game fresh and fun each time. Not to mention the pixel art visuals that make the game a joy to look at.

As players traverse new maps and levels, they will have to utilize combinations of weapons, magic, and combat skills to gain a tactical advantage over the changing landscapes, and increasingly difficult enemies and bosses. Designed with multiplayer in mind, players can party up with friends in local or online co-op to see if their squad is up the challenge that Ember Knights offers.

The folks over at Asmodee Digital are ecstatic about this newest venture with DragonBear Studios and Tiny Titan Studios. CEO Pierre Ortolan had this to share about these upcoming titles; “We’re ecstatic to be publishing these creative and colorful titles from two extremely talented studios, these two new games are charming co-op experiences that also encourage more players to join in and enliven the experience for everyone. As we team up with Tiny Titans Studios and DragonBear Studios, we look forward to gamers finding their own partners to bring along for their own in-game adventures.”

Early Access for Ember Knights is expected to launch this Fall, followed by a full release on PC and console at a later time. A demo of the game is currently available. Meanwhile, Innchanted will be arriving soon to PC and console and the game can now be added to Steam wishlists.

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