Overwatch 2’s Reward System Is Incentivizing Fans Not To Play

Earning any kind of currency in Overwatch 2 is a pain. With the new free-to-play model, getting anything without spending real money is a complete grind, making it necessary to focus more on completing challenges than actually playing how you'd want to. But now, one challenge is making fans stop playing altogether.

Overwatch 2 players are trying to get more competitive points by reaching a high rank – and then abandoning the game altogether until the next season. This ensures they won't accidentally go down a rank, and therefore be awarded fewer points.

Multiple Overwatch players are admitting to doing just this in the subreddit, eager to earn points needed to unlock golden weapons. This means that once you think you've reached the highest rank you're going to get in competitive, you're better off switching to quick play until the season ends, as it will only take your current rank into account when dishing out rewards.

Unfortunately for some, however, it seems that this won't be enough. Many in the thread report that they received the wrong prizes for their rank, with Platinum players being put down to Gold, for some reason. The new season did seem to start everyone out a rank lower than what they placed in season 1, so it's possible that the game accidentally distributed rewards based on this rank, not the one they got in the first season.

This isn't the first time that Overwatch 2's challenges have come under fire. The weekly challenge Cleaning House initially required players to get a staggering 20 team kills in just even days. This was later reduced to 10, but that's still a lot just to get some coins thrown your way.

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