Overwatch Fans Would Rather Play The First Game If Given The Chance

There are plenty of games that come and go without much fanfare. Unfortunately, not every game hits the mark, even if it's well made. However, there are some that release and merely linger. They're not exactly bad, but no one's voting for them come TGA season either. Overwatch 2 is a great recent example of this. It hasn't really achieved anything remarkable since launch – especially when compared to the original Overwatch.

While Overwatch fans were undoubtedly excited for the sequel, the constantly delayed launch, changes that nobody asked for, and plethora of launch issues dampened spirits. Now, almost three months later, it appears that fans miss the original version of the hero shooter. Over on the Overwatch Subreddit, a recent post asks fans if they would go back to the original if they could.

"If you had a choice….would you still be playing OW1?" asks the post by Celeste. "How many vets would never have downloaded OW2 if you had the choice? Frankly, if they didn’t nuke the servers and all our hard work, I would still be playing OW1 just so my progress felt like it meant something," they went on to say. The comments were overwhelmingly in favour of the original game for a wide variety of reasons, ranging from the new team formula, to the underwhelming cosmetics, and well… Sojourn.

"Absolutely. I miss wanting skins. I miss duoing tank. I miss not knowing Sojourn," said the highest upvoted comment. "New tanks killed the game for me. Rein is a shell of what once was. I'll come back to check out PvE but I'm probably never playing the main game again," said one of the many comments which had an issue with the new tanks in the game.

Even the battle pass is a pain point for some players, with one saying, "From a financial standpoint this thing has to be a waste of effort. Like, I buy battlepasses in EVERY game, even some I don't end up playing a ton. I'm not shy to spend some on microtransactions here or there. But I've spent $0 on OW2 despite playing it a ton. I think that's a testament to how shitty their current business model is."

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