Owner Of Jack Dorsey Tweet NFT Tries To Sell, Is Offered Less Than One Percent Of Its Original Price

As we've covered recently, it's not looking good for NFT enthusiasts. Despite managing to bag some big celebrity names for their cause, and even a bunch of huge companies in the gaming scene, it just wasn't enough. Lawsuits, apparent scams, and security breaches are popping up everywhere, and interest is waning. But of course, this means that anyone who's already bought in could be left holding the bag.

Such is the case with Sina Estavi, the Web3 enthusiast who bought Jack Dorsey's first-ever tweet as an NFT. However, after winning the tweet in an auction for an eye-watering $2.9 million, Estavi is struggling to find another buyer. The best offer sits at just $15,213, which translates to around 0.5 percent of its original price. If Estavi can't find another buyer, he's set to lose millions.

Over on OpenSea, we can keep track of the offers Estavi is receiving for the tweet, which is notable for being the first tweet ever shared on Twitter. The auction was originally set to end on Wednesday, but with a top bid of just $280 at the time, he understandably held onto it.

Estavi has since taken up the strategy of hoping Elon Musk will come to his rescue. Given Musk's recent purchase of Twitter stock, Estavi has used the opportunity to tag him in tweets about the auction, hoping the billionaire will bite. At the time of writing, this has not amounted to anything, and given recent news, Musk probably has other things on his mind right now.

This 99.5 percent loss in value doesn't seem to have brought Estavi down. Judging by his posts, he seems hopeful that someone will take the $2.9 million curse off his hands. The offers, admittedly, do keep coming in, and there's just $2,884,787 to go until he breaks even.

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