P.T. Seemingly Runs On Updated Non-Jailbroken PS5 Thanks To Modder

Two weeks ago we reported on how modder Lance McDonald managed to finally jailbreak the PlayStation 5. To prove that he did so McDonald even uploaded a video showing him downloading the PKG file for P.T., which as we know is no longer available. However, the process he used was only possible on the PS5's firmware version 4.03, which came out in December 2021. It appears that McDonald has now outdone himself in spectacular fashion.

McDonald tweeted this morning that he was able to get P.T. running on a fully updated, non-jailbroken PS5. "I got P.T. working on a fully updated, non-jailbroken PlayStation 5!" said the tweet. "Eat shit, Konami! This console has never been jailbroken, I was able to transfer a hacked PS4 emulator from a different jailbroken PS5 using USB backup to unlock the game on my main PS5!"

The video along with the tweet shows exactly that – a P.T. icon on the game screen, followed by actual gameplay. Given the wording of the tweet, the modder has clearly been trying to figure this out for a while. Of course, getting P.T. to run on a console has been considered the holy grail of PlayStation modding ever since the game was taken off the PS4 in its entirety. The inspiration for how to do it came to McDonald very randomly, almost like out of an episode of HBO's Silicon Valley.

"The gist of it is that you need to own P.T. legitimately on your PSN account and you need to have your PSN account activated on a jailbroken PS5 and on a normal, fully updated PS5," he explained. "I was out for a walk and I suddenly thought of a method that might work. Stopped in at a PC shop and bought $300 worth of USB hard drives to carry home and frantically started messing around. I’m so happy it worked!"

McDonald also announced that he will be streaming the exact process of how he pulled off this feat later tonight. However, while it will be interesting to watch and learn, we advise that you don't try this on your own console, as it's a delicate process that could easily end up bricking your PS5

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