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Aside from the fun of building a unique character in the game, Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous players also have the option of customizing the various companions to make up the adventuring party. Regill is one of the more complex of the companions to build because he's already a multi-class character from the very start. He's introduced and classified as a Hellknight first and foremost, and every Hellknight has to start as a Fighter of the Armiger subclass.

Regill's options for party roles are few, as he is not a spellcaster, nor is he adept with ranged weapons. However, he is very effective as long as he has the right progression and skills. Good thing there are a few handy guides, like this one, available to help.

Recruiting Regill

One of the things that makes Regill one of the more interesting companions is the politics surrounding his order, the Hellknights. Regill himself is of a Lawful Evil alignment, follows the rules of his Order to the book, and is painfully blunt and equally strict with his companions.

Soon after the protagonist starts on the Road to Drezen, they'll be approached by a young Hellknight asking for help. The cut scene takes place in the Command Tent, and the advisors weigh in as to whether or not getting involved with the Hellknights is a good idea. Their location, Reliable Redoubt, becomes accessible after destroying a demon fort blocking the river. It's also possible to recruit and rescue other good guys at this location other than the Hellknights.

After a skirmish with some demons, Regill asks to join the party. He also asks the protagonist, in their official role as commander, to help him make some decisions that have effects on the main character's own moral alignment and progression.

Party Roles

  • Defender. Regill is one of the options for a Defender, or Tank, if the party needs someone of an Evil Alignment in that role. Unless the protagonist does it, the only other options are the righteous Seelah or Sosiel, both priests of a sort. These characters might not appreciate the protagonist choosing certain Mythic Paths whereas Regill reserves judgment.
  • Defense Support. Known colloquially as the "off-tank" Regill can also switch roles between aiding the main Defender and keeping the stray enemies away from casters and archers.
  • Physical Damage. The choices for companions are low in physical damage compared to the casters available, especially earlier in the game, so this is often the role Regill takes. It also helps that he can wield Gnomish weapons, many of which are two-handed, and are better for damage as opposed to defense.

The Best Regill Builds

Not all of this Companion's abilities are combat-based. Regill also has a decent Charisma score, and typical of Hellknights has a deadly Persuasion ability that players can improve as he progresses. Keep in mind that these skills are crucial for the party's "face" or the person who acts as the group's spokesperson in social situations.

A Worthy Defender

  • Most Important Ability Scores: Focus on Strength and Consitution as opposed to Dexterity for this build, which is about distracting the enemy rather than doing damage.
  • Feats: Anything that improves weapon skill or Focus, such as Dazzling Display or Power Attack, augments the Defender build.
  • Weapon Proficiencies: Regill is a Fighter, so he can choose a special melee fighting skill every four levels. These include Tactics and Reflexes along with choosing weapon proficiencies. Defenders need one-handed weapon skills so they can also carry a shield, but this isn't a hard and fast rule. Tanks normally go "sword and board" but Regill has some decent two-handed skills to start with and many players build on his existing abilities.

A Knight From Hell

  • Most Important Ability Scores: Strength as Dexterity, with Consitution still a consideration but not a priority. This build requires more healing, in part because of the attention Regill will get from enemies but also because this build focuses on offense instead of defense.
  • Feats: Dazzling Display is just as useful for the damage-focused Regill, but there are plenty of other choices for more damage output. Outflank, a Teamwork Feat, is one handy ability. Others include Dreadful Carnage and Improved Critical.
  • Weapon Proficiencies: Regill can indulge in all of the dual-wielding or two-handed weapons he wants with this build. The bigger and heavier the weapon the better, and one of the reasons Regill often ends up in this role is because he can wield all of the Gnomish hammers the party finds.

Notes About Equipment

There are certain items the protagonist will find in the game that is ideal for Regill. These items can be used to help him fit into a certain party role, while others are good for melee fighters of his skills and abilities regardless. He starts out with some decent gear in the first place, giving the player a good foundation on which to build.

  • Ring of Resistance. These scale in the game, and as a melee fighter any extra resistance is great. This doesn't stack with other similar items, however, like the Cloaks and Amulets.
  • Belt of Physical Might. One of many belts in the game that buffs more than one ability score, in this case, Constitution and Strength. There are others in the game that improve up to three ability scores. Great items no matter what, but ideal for a Defender.
  • Headband of Alluring Charisma. Regill doesn't have to be in the role of Defender to be the Face of the Party, but this is an easier item to equip if he can forgo the use of a real helm, which a tank can't really do.

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