Persona 25th Anniversary website launched – are Atlus teasing Persona 6 reveal?

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Later this year the Persona franchise – one of the most iconic JRPG series around – celebrates its 25th anniversary. September 20 2021 will be 25 years to the day since the first Persona game – Revelations – first launched on the PS1 in Japan. Atlus previously teased they had “exciting” plans in store to mark the landmark occasion for the Persona series.

And now this week we’ve found out the big plans the Tokyo-based developer has.

As reported by Persona Central, the Persona 25th Anniversary website has just gone live.

The site reveals that Atlus are planning a year’s worth of announcements from September 2021 to September 2022.

In total Atlus will be announcing seven projects to mark the 25th anniversary of Persona.

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And it looks like one of these projects could be Persona 6 – the next mainline entry in the series.

As Persona Central pointed out on Twitter, the Anniversary website has a merchandise section.

And pages in this area of the website could be teasing goods the will be branded with the Persona 6 protagonist and artwork.

The Persona Central Twitter posted: “One of the sets of Persona 25th Anniversary merchandise is teasing a new main character, and what could potentially be the face of Persona 6.”

It then went on to add: “Similarly, this set of Persona series acrylic stands (11 in total) for the 25th anniversary feature all of the mainline titles (only remakes for P1/P2, excluding FES), with 2 covers kept secret displayed after the Persona 5 Royal cover.”

Fans have gone on to speculate that the key artwork for the Persona 25th Anniversary website could also have dropped a hint about Persona 6.

As explained in a post on Reddit, the Anniversary artwork could reveal that the main colour theme for Persona 6 will be white.

As one Redditor explained: “In case you didn’t know Atlus posted an anniversary image of Persona featuring all the protagonists and a rainbow logo saying “25.”

“The logo actually features all of the colors for every Persona game in order, followed by white, meaning white might be the featured Color for Persona 6.”

While another Reddit post has pointed out that the first Anniversary announcement, due this September, could be related to Persona 4.

The reasoning for this is the Persona 25th Anniversary website has a schedule for the upcoming announcements Atlus has planned.

There are seven graphics which represent each upcoming reveal.

Five out of the seven slots in this schedule have a “coming soon” graphic on top of a Persona 25th Anniversary logo.

The final box has “2022/Autumn” written on top of the Persona 25th Anniversary logo.

While the first graphic has “2021/9” on top of a Persona 25th Anniversary logo.

What’s different about this logo, compared to the others shown on the schedule, is that it is coloured in yellow – which is the same main theme colour for P4 and P4 Golden.

As the Redditor speculated: “This upcoming September announcement is heavily hinting towards being a Persona 4/Golden port to consoles? Persona 4 strikers type game made by the creators of Persona 5 strikers (PLEASE)something Persona 4 related?”

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