Persona 3 Portable: How To Defeat Change Relic

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By the time you take on Change Relic in Persona 3 Portable, you’ll already be a good chunk of the way through the second block of Tartarus. And that’s a good thing because it gives you time to grind your team for levels, as Change Relic definitely means business.

It becomes available as soon as you’re able to begin working your way through the Arqa block of Tartarus, but that doesn’t mean you should run right up without preparing first! For all the info you’ll need to take down the Change Relic mini-boss in P3P, you’ve come to the right place.

Although we do our best to focus on the combat, our tips and tricks may still contain spoilers for the plot of Persona 3 Portable.

Recommended Party Setup

Recommended Level

You’ll find Change Relic on Floor 36 of Tartarus, in the Arqa block. And thankfully enough, since it’s a rather strong enemy, there’s only one shadow in this fight.

However, you’ll find that, even though it’s only a Lv. 14 shadow, it has much more HP than you’re probably expecting, with a whopping 850 HP.

Because of this, we’d recommend being around Lv. 15.

Recommended Party Setup

While it’s usually helpful to have another body in the fight to take damage instead of your protagonist, we’d strongly recommend that you leave Junpei at the entrance for this battle.

With his weakness to wind, and wind being the only direct damage-dealing skill Change Relic will use, Junpei is a hindrance here as if he is hit by Garu skills, it gives Change Relic a One More.

Other than that, Akihiko and Yukari are both fine to join the battle. They aren’t particularly strong against Change Relic, but Akihiko deals good physical damage, and Yukari knows healing skills you'll almost certainly want to have.

Recommended Personas

The frustrating thing about Change Relic is that it has no weaknesses, which leaves you to mitigate damage taken by instead trying to prepare a Persona that’s strong against wind.

With Change Relic using medium-damage Garu attacks, you’ll want something that at least resists wind magic.

Though they’re not the strongest Personas in your stock, both Alp and Gurr are good choices here for their wind resistances.

And since Change Relic doesn't have weaknesses to exploit, bring Legion along. It knows the skill Rebellion innately, which boosts the critical hit rate of your entire party for three turns.

Change Relic Stats And Attacks

Below, you’ll find all the info you need on all of Change Relic's stats in P3P.

Persona Affinity Table Key




This shadow is strong against this element, and attacks of this element deal less damage.


This shadow is weak against this element, and attacks of this element deal more damage.


This shadow will repel attacks of this element, reversing the damage onto you.


This shadow will nullify attacks of this element, and as such, they deal no damage.


This shadow will gain health from attacks of this element, so attacks of this heal the shadow.

Attacks of this element deal normal damage to the shadow.

Change Relic Affinity Table

Affinities and Weaknesses














Skills and Attacks


Medium wind damage to one foe


Medium wind damage to all foes

Poison Mist

35% chance to poison all foes


Increases one ally's defense for three turns


Restores a small amount of HP to one ally

Change Relic Battle Strategy

As long as Junpei isn’t a part of this battle, the fight should be relatively straightforward.

The problem you’re most likely to run into is trying to deal with its lack of weaknesses.

This makes it so that there aren’t any super-effective moves for your team to exploit, preventing you from finding a reliable way to down Change Relic and earn One More Attacks or All-Out Attacks.

A decent way to boost the likeliness of getting one yourself is to fight Change Relic while in Great condition. A party member being in Great condition can increase their critical hit rate.

For more info on Great condition and how to achieve it, check out our Complete Guide to Conditions.

Whenever you have the option for an All-Out Attack in the battle against Change Relic, you should absolutely do it!

It’s also important to keep in mind that Change Relic will likely poison your team.

Poison Mist has a non-negligible chance to inflict poison, so be sure to have either an item or spell on hand to cure poison.

You've got a decent chance to find Dis-Poison in treasure chests in every block of Tartarus, so be sure to always look around before moving onto the next floor – it doesn't hurt to have a few on hand.

If you’re not controlling the party directly, set Yukari to focus her attention on Healing and Support, while directing Akihiko to carry out a Full Assault.

As long as you’re able to resist its wind magic and keep the party from going down from either the super-effective heavy hits or the poisoning, you should be able to dispatch Change Relic in no time.

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