Persona 4 Golden: Complete Bug Catching Guide

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Persona 4 Golden offers several different ways to spend your free time while you’re not out dungeon-crawling to save your small town, and one of the ways Yu can choose to pass time is by catching bugs. Their primary use is in fishing, but you’ll need a few to complete a quest line as well.

But you’ll have to get your Butterfly Net first before you can catch the insects of Inaba, and there are quite a few bugs to find once you’ve got it. For all the info you’ll need for catching bugs in Persona 4 Golden, read on ahead.

How To Get The Bug Catching Net

Before you can actually begin catching bugs, you’ll need a way to do so.

To get your bug-catching started, talk to the boy you’ll see at Tatsuhime Shrine. He’ll tell you that he’s recently lost his bug net.

You’re now charged with getting it back for him.

In order to get the bug net for the boy, you’ll need to first have Rank 2 Courage in order to visit Tatsuhime Shrine at night.

When you visit at nighttime, you’ll find a woman dressed in white.

The woman doesn’t begin appearing until sometime in the early parts of June.

Speak to her when you see her, and tell her yes, you knew a net was on the roof. After this conversation, the net will be yours.

Finally, visit Tatsuhime Shrine again during the day. The boy who lost the net will be back and speaking to him about it on this occasion rewards Yu with a Net.

Your own bug-catching can now begin!

What Are Bugs Used For?

Bugs are the central ingredient in fishing bait, which you can use to increase your fish-catching yield.

And if you’re working on the quests in P4G, you'll need to get the bug net, as the Genji Beetle is a requirement for finishing Quest 15, “The Shichiri Beach Guardian.”

You cannot catch the two Guardian fish for the quest with any other bait.

For the most part, though, outside that quest, you’ll use your bugs for regular fishing bait.

How And Where To Catch Bugs

For the majority of the year, you’ll be catching your bugs right back at Tatsuhime Shrine, in the shaded spot beneath the tree.

This action can be performed both day and night on any day, provided it’s not raining.

To catch bugs in Persona 4 Golden, simply wait for the X that appears above Yu’s head before pressing your action button. They’re tricky to time, but you catch more bugs on perfect swings.

Not only will a perfect swing yield more bugs, but it also nets you an achievement.

If you’d like to get more bang for your bug-catching buck, there are two books to raise how many bugs you catch. Those are Catching Bugs and World Class Bugs.

For info on where to find them, check out our Book Location Guide.

Catching Bugs In The Winter

Things change a bit once there’s snow in Inaba. After this, you will no longer find bugs at the shrine.

Instead, they’ll pop up in the garden located right beside the Dojima Residence.

Since you’re not able to grow veggies with Nanako during the colder months, you’ll be using the plot to catch bugs instead.

The method for catching bugs or the number you catch is not impacted by season.

All Bugs And How To Use Them

Below, you’ll find info for each of the seven total bugs you can catch in P4G.

Bugs In Persona 4 Golden

Bug Name

Use as Fish Bait at…

… To catch:

Tatsuhime Ladybug

Samegawa Flood Plain Riverbank

  • Genji Ayu
  • Amber Seema

Yaso Locust

  • Amber Seema
  • Inaba Trout

Meiou Cricket

  • Inaba Trout
  • Huge Fish

Inaba Jewel Beetle

  • Huge Fish
  • River Guardian

Daimyo Grasshopper

Shichiri Beach

  • Hachiro Octopus

Heike Stag Beetle

  • Hachiro Octopus
  • Meguro Tuna

Genji Beetle

  • Meguro Tuna
  • Sea Guardian

Except the Genji Beetle, you can catch every bug day or night.

The Genji Beetle is, however, available during both time slots when it comes time to catch bugs in your garden.

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