Persona 5: How To Farm Liquid Mercury

Persona 5 is packed with Palaces for us to explore. While making your way through a palace, you will collect a wide array of different materials. Some of these materials don’t serve any purpose, but you can sell them for a lot of money.

Other items, like Liquid Mercury, are very useful. Liquid Mercury can be difficult to find, but we’ll cover the best ways to farm the material as well as what it is used for.

What Is Liquid Mercury Used For?

Liquid Mercury is an item used to craft the Eternal Lockpick. This is a special lockpick that never breaks, so you will be able to use it at every locked chest. This is extremely helpful as you would typically have to craft lockpicks for each chest. Check out the recipe for the Eternal Lockpick below:

  • 10 Liquid Mercury
  • 20 Aluminium Sheets

Like every other crafted object, you can make the Eternal Lockpick at the desk in your room. Remember, the ace tools (including the Eternal Lockpick) are available once you raise Morgana’s confidant level to six.

Best Places To Farm Liquid Mercury

Liquid Mercury is a rare item. However, there are a few possible drop locations.

Futaba’s Palace

This palace is available from July 26 to August 21. This may seem like more than enough time to farm for Liquid Mercury, but remember that it’s pretty difficult to come by. Regardless, Futaba’s Palace is the preferred place to farm this item since you will want to craft the Eternal Lockpick as soon as possible (so it can be used in other palaces).

The item will only drop from Anubis enemies, so you will want to find an area with several. Anubis will only drop Liquid Mercury when killed or when negotiated with. Since the item is rare, it will be difficult to obtain it through negotiation. Because negotiation has a chance to fail, it is better to just kill them in hopes that they drop Liquid Mercury.

Before rushing to finish the palace, take a few days to farm Liquid Mercury. If you rush and don’t have enough of the material, you won’t be able to go back. It does drop from enemies later in the game as well, but as mentioned, you want to get the Eternal Lockpick ASAP.


If you are looking to farm Liquid Mercury but don’t have access to Futaba’s Palace, you can also find the material in Mementos. Anubis enemies will begin to appear in Mementos after finishing Futaba’s Palace, and they have a rare chance to spawn in boxes and orbs throughout various floors. 

After getting at least 10 Liquid Mercury for the Eternal Lockpick, you are done! Liquid Mercury has no other uses so you don’t need more than 10 unless, for some reason, you really want to make several Eternal Lockpicks.

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