Persona Composer’s Kickstarter Game Guns Undarkness Will Come To Consoles

Guns Undarkness has been funded. The Kickstarted for the new game coming from Persona and Shin Megami Tensei composer Shoji Meguro raised ¥19,247,775 (about $130,000) of its ¥4,200,000 goal (roughly $28,000), reaching stretch goals that will include better mocap and character models, a music video cinematic, and both a PC and console release. We don’t know which consoles Guns Undarkness will arrive on, but it seems like a natural fit for the Nintendo Switch at the very least.

The closing hours of the Guns Undarkness Kickstarter had Meguro compose a new song for the game, which he livestreamed over the course of four hours. Unfortunately, the final hours didn’t quite raise enough money to add fishing or voice acting, but the game is already looking decent enough without either.

The Kickstarter also revealed a few new details about Guns Undarkness. The game takes place in the year 2045 following a terrible nuclear war that has devastated the entire world. The war was caused by the rising disparity between the wealthy and the poor, with the have-nots deciding it was better to erase society to start over than to go on living in the current regime. Pretty dark, and definitely shows the game's Metal Gear Solid inspiration.

You play as the game's protagonist, a member of a private military corporation that offers its services to the highest bidder. It sounds like this mercenary group has some political aspirations, however, as there's a lot of talk about rebuilding the world better than it was before.

On the opposing side is The Thousand Plateaus, a "far east military faction" that seeks to return humanity to a pre-industrial state. The group was responsible for initiating the nuclear exchange that ended the world, and somehow surviving the "Great Reset" to continue its goal of eliminating technology.

The player will be able to control up to three other characters in turn-based combat, with weapon upgrades and a social system implemented to get to know your teammates. Guns Undarkness is expected to begin deliveries in late 2023, but Kickstarters are known to be wildly optimistic with their launch dates.

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