Plague Inc: The Cure Is Looking For Beta Testers

Ndemic, the developer of Plague Inc, is looking for beta testers for The Cure update – a new game mode that sees you trying to slow the spread of disease as opposed to wiping out the entire population of Earth. To sign up, just fill out the short Google survey. It’s available to both iOS and Android users, although only a limited number of people will make the cut.

Plague Inc. is a pretty old game, but it saw a boost in player count earlier this year when global lockdowns began taking place. Seeing as the game’s a bit morbid – especially considering today’s public health crisis – the developer has decided to make Plague Inc. a bit more positive by adding a new mode that sees you trying to save the world instead of destroying it.

Dubbed, The Cure, it’s Plague Inc’s largest update yet, tasking you with stopping the spread of a deadly virus using several new features. We don’t know much, but Ndemic posted a brief outline of the new mode to is website earlier this year. Here’s a bit of what we can expect:

  • Investigate outbreaks and track down patient zero.
  • Control the spread of disease by raising awareness in the population.
  • Quarantine locations that are too hot. However, be too aggressive with your quarantine protocols and things may not go as planned…
  • Research the virus, create a vaccine, and deploy it across the globe.

Plague Inc: The Cure does not yet have a release date.

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