Play As A Mechanical Scarab In Open-World Platformer Glyph

A new open-world platformer is arriving on the indie scene, and there’s a lot of buzz around its gratifying mechanics. Developer Bolverk Games has launched the colorful title Glyph, where you play as the titular “sphere-shaped mechanical scarab.”

Whenever you think of a scarab beetle, your mind immediately turns to Egypt. However, this atmospheric platformer contains a rich color palette to add to the beige plains of the desert. The scarab even carries blue and white designs on its metallic husk similar to Egyptian hieroglyphics, and its ruthless mechanics are designed to challenge even the most skillful platforming expert.

Glyph’s objective is to explore a variety of alluring but dangerous levels in order to obtain relics and artifacts. Precision is key to mastering every obstacle, and it may take some practice to learn the ropes. In this sense, the platformer offers opportunity for speedruns, serving a friendly dose of competition on the side. Glyph’s main mission is to conquer each of the levels, traps, and enemies in order to reinforce an ancient temple city situated in the desert. This city also acts as the game’s non-liner “hub world” consisting of many levels that all contribute to the vast expanse of the desert.

While the platformer’s premise may appear rather basic from the outside, its rewarding learning curve, upbeat soundtrack, and smooth controls promise a satisfactory gameplay experience. Within each level, you will learn more about the world you inhabit through NPCs and artifacts. These objects will unlock after a series of coins have been collected, and you can end up winning a new skin or “sparkling trail” for your new, airborne best friend. As your skills improve, you will also be able to find hidden secrets, as well as achieve a sense of pride as your mastery evolves.

Another indie that’s quickly become an anticipated release is Beard Blade. The 2D platformer from Glovebox Games has developed a loyal following since its announcement, as the gaming community cannot wait to fight enemies with a well-groomed beard. The title is due to release in Spring and also features an upbeat, foot-tapping soundtrack from Steven Melin – who maintains the nostalgic vibes of platforming.

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