Players Are Deciding What The Most Satisfying Attack In Gaming Is

Gamers are discussing the most satisfying attacks to use in gaming.

Everyone has experienced at least one game in their life that has a move that makes you wince, go "oooh", or just nod your head slowly at the screen. With so many different games out there, figuring out which moves in gaming are the most satisfying is a herculean task, but that's exactly what some gamers have been debating.

The discussion was started by Twitter user headfallsoff, who opened the floor with, "what is the most satisfying move in video games? leon's roundhouse kick, sonic's homing attack, the izuna drop, things of that nature", already mentioning a good few candidates for the award. What followed was 478 quote Tweets and a ton of replies suggesting some of the most satisfying moves to pull off.

One game that got a fair few mentions in the discussion is the PS2 classic God Hand. Twitter user KyrieAPage specifically pointed out the feeling of breaking a block in the game, while another user shared a clip of the home run move.

Another popular choice comes from Monster Hunter Rise, with Twitter user bradamantium92 sharing a clip of their character attacking in mid-air and coming crashing down to the ground for maximum damage.

One move that seems like a no-brainer is Captain Falcon's Falcon Punch from Super Smash Bros. which Twitter user yacobg42 pointed out that not enough people were picking the obvious choice.

Of course, you can't talk about satisfying moves in gaming without mentioning anything from FromSoftware. Twitter user micheladlondon shared a clip of a visceral attack from Bloodborne, but you can include pretty much any backstab or counter from Dark Souls for good measure.

The thread is absolutely stuffed with satisfying gaming moves, ranging from God of War to Street Fighter, so if your pick wasn't seen here, there's almost guaranteed to be somewhere out there that agrees with you. Of course, you're all wrong anyway as the most satisfying move in gaming is Ars Arcanum from Kingdom Hearts. Sorry you all wasted your time.

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