Players Unimpressed With Genshin Impact Second Anniversary Rewards

Players are going to be getting a very small bevy of in-game bonuses from developer miHoYo to celebrate the second anniversary of its flagship title, Genshin Impact. These come as part of Update 3.1 and just like last year, the rewards consist of 20 free Wishes. As could be expected, players are pretty unimpressed, much the same way as last year.

Update 3.1 will feature a login bonus offering 10 Wishes in addition to 1,600 Primogems, delivered to players through the in-game postal system. Players will be getting some Fragile Resin along with various ascension materials, but these Wishes represent most of the free content, apart from a party popper gadget and a brand new pet along the lines of Cloud Retainer called Adeptus, a crane featured in Liyue's story quests.

This comes in the wake of months worth of speculation on the part of players concerning the second anniversary celebrations for Genshin Impact. Players had big expectations and even higher hopes for the content drop, especially in the past couple of weeks. The first anniversary celebrations were met with similar speculation, leading to a storm of complaints and review bombs when the official announcement was made, something which prompted miHoYo to hand out a few additional rewards and bonuses in the end. Fans of the franchise have naturally been expecting the developer to avoid the same sort of response by offering a much more generous collection of rewards. What players wound up getting was 20 free Wishes.

Players may be unimpressed with the second anniversary bonuses being handed out by miHoYo, but the response from the community has been much more level headed than last year. The overall impression is that players weren’t expecting much in the first place. The newly introduced pet has been making its mark on the community as well.

miHoYo is planning a lavish concert to commemorate the second anniversary of Genshin Impact. Based on their experiences from last year, players are expecting this to be a memorable performance. The studio recently revealed that an animated series based on the game is currently in production as well, perhaps a consolation for many in the community given the apparently disappointing in-game rewards.

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