PlayStation Teases… Something With A Cryptic Image Of An Unknown Location In The UK

Update: Credit to PlayStation’s marketing team, it looks like no one correctly guessed what it actually was – an ad for Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart. Sorry folks, nothing to see here, you can go home now (and wait for the probably more exciting Battlefield reveal later today).

PlayStation took to Twitter to cryptically tease an announcement, which will be revealed at 13:00 BST.

Many in the replies believe the announcement is Battlefield related. However, this is unlikely considering that is having its own official Livestream later today, 17:00 BST. To watch that, head over to our guide on when it will be available in your timezone.

The PlayStation Twitter account only shared an image of an unknown location in the UK. Accompanying the drone shot was the text: LOCATION: Somewhere in the UK, LEVEL: Five, ANALYSIS ETA: 1300 BST”.

Aside from the Battlefield guesses, fans are confident it is first-person-shooter related, given the setting.

Official news on what the announcement is will drop shortly.

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