Pokemon Fan Suggests New Fossil Type Based On Different Perspectives Of Dinosaurs

Pokemon fan suggests a new take on the franchise’s fossils for future games.

Fossils have been a part of Pokemon games ever since the very first generation. In Red and Blue, you win a fossil for defeating a train in Mt. Moon. You are tasked with choosing between the Dome Fossil or the Helix Fossil. The former will eventually land you with a Kabuto, and the latter with an Omanyte. Trainers will also come across Old Amber which can be revied and transformed into an Aerodactyl.

There’s no knack or trick to reviving your fossils. They just need to be taken to an expert at a laboratory on Cinnabar Island. That has been the running thread when it comes to fossils throughout the Pokemon franchise. Find them, receive them, come across them however you may, and then leave them with an expert who revives the prehistoric Pokemon and then hands them back.

Redditor Marleyzard has suggested something a little different for the future. A twist that links directly back to how fossils and research regarding prehistoric creatures has evolved in the real world. That the same fossil could be revived into two different versions of the same Pokemon, depending on the expert a trainer chooses to take the fossil to and what they believed the Pokemon originally looked and acted like.

This relates to the differing and changing beliefs over what velociraptors and other dinosaurs may have looked like. It has been assumed for years that raptors were scaly reptiles. That’s certainly what the creators of Jurassic Park believe. However, some experts now think that raptors might have been covered in feathers or may have even been fluffy, although probably not very adorable.

This could translate to new Pokemon games in a couple of ways. Trainers could be tasked with deciding which expert to trust their fossil with. The experts can offer up arguments and clues as to what the resulting Pokemon will look like, and perhaps what type it might become. Or, since all mainstream Pokemon games have two different versions, the expert you’re landed with could depend on the version of the game you have. Each version of the Pokemon can be locked to its respective game, and can only be acquired via trade.

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