Pokemon Go Is Introducing XXS And XXL Sized ‘Mons

Looks like Pokemon Trainers might need to add a portable scale to their gear. A new feature in Pokemon Go is introducing two new size variants, XXS and XXL, to certain Pokemon. While this new feature doesn’t really impact gameplay, a teeny-weeny Poochyena sure sounds adorable!

According to Nintendo Life, these new size variants are available now in the mobile game and currently only affect Poochyena, Mightyena, and Mawile. Why these Pokemon are the only ones available in the new sizes is anybody’s guess, but it will likely spread to others in the future. Honestly, they cannot put a size feature in and not give us a teeny Pikachu or a mega-large Togepi.

Nabbing one of the newly sized Pokemon is completely random. Just like shiny variants, they can be found in the wild. However, if you do happen to come across one you will immediately be alerted with a new animation. This animation alerts you to whether it's a larger-than-normal or itsy-bitsy version you are attempting to catch.

To keep track of all the sizes of these Pokemon you catch, the Pokedex is also being updated with a new size-tracker. With this, you will be able to see the largest and smallest sizes of these Pokemon that you have caught. Of course, you will be able to visually see if a Pokemon is larger or smaller too, as these XXS and XXL versions are different in the app.

Players will also be notified when they break certain records in the game. Those who have caught three of a certain type of Pokemon can receive a celebratory message when they nab another that is smaller or larger than the ones they have caught. Plus, several new medals based on Pokemon sizes are available for trainers to strive for.

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