Pokemon Go June Field Research tasks, rewards and breakthrough latest updates

Pokemon GO June Update – Following an evening of server maintenance Pokemon Go came back online at 2am and this morning players are finally able to discover what changes have been made to the games Field Research.

In June it seems the theme is ground Pokemon. The current reward encounter for a Research Breakthrough is Trapinch with bonus Trapinch Candy.

The Current Spinda Pattern available is Spinda #5, who can also be shiny.

You'll find the full list of Research tasks and encounters for June below.

Pokemon Go June 2020 Field Research Tasks and Rewards

Catch 10 Pokémon – Magikarp – CP 99 – 117 – shiny

Catch a Dragon-type Pokémon – Dratini – CP 397 – 430 shiny

Catch 3 Ground-type Pokémon – Hippopotas – CP 542 – 582 – shiny

Catch 3 Fire-, Grass-, or Ground-type Pokémon – Cubone – CP 402 – 436 – shiny

Catch 5 Pokémon with Weather Boost

  • Vulpix – CP 347 – 378 –
  • Poliwag – CP 324 – 355 – shiny

Make 5 Nice Throws – Voltorb – CP 399 – 432 – shiny

Make 3 Great Throws

  • Gastly – CP 487 – 527 – shiny
  • Lileep – CP 515 – 553 – shiny
  • Anorith – CP 613 – 655 – shiny

Make 3 Great Throws in a row – Onix – CP 435 – 472 – shiny

Make 5 Great Curveball Throws in a row – Spinda – CP 486 – 523 – shiny

Make 3 Excellent Throws in a row – Larvitar – CP 411 – 445 – shiny

Use 5 Berries to help Catch Pokémon – Drilbur – CP 549 – 589

Win in the GO Battle League – Rhyhorn – CP 664 – 707 – shiny

Win a level 3 or higher raid –

  • Omanyte – CP 620 – 662 – shiny
  • Kabuto – CP 548 – 587 – shiny

Win a raid – Marshtomp – CP 716 – 761

Win 5 Raids – Aerodactyl – CP 1136 – 1193 – shiny

Hatch an Egg – Palpitoad – CP 556 – 596

Evolve a Pokémon –

  • Sandslash – CP 966 – 1017
  • Eevee – CP 424 – 459 – shiny

Power up a Pokémon 5 times –

  • Bulbasaur – CP 442 – 477 – shiny
  • Charmander – CP 387 – 420 – shiny
  • Squirtle – CP 372 – 405 – shiny

Earn 3 candy walking with your buddy – Stunfisk – CP 876 – 926

Give your buddy 3 treats – Wooper – CP 247 – 275

Take a Snapshot of a Ground-type Pokémon – Diglett – CP 262 – 289 – shiny

Send 3 Gifts to friends – Barboach – CP 320 – 351 – shiny

Transfer 3 Pokémon – Numel – CP 418 – 453

Trade a Pokémon – Swinub – CP 288 – 317 – shiny

Original Story Follows – Pokemon Go somehow keeps going from strength to strength even despite the game coming under its greatest challenge since it first launched.

Though the global crisis means that the annual Pokemon Go fest can't take place in quite the same way as it would, players can still look forward to new challenges and rewards.

And in June, developers Niantic don't appear as though they have any intention on slowing down.

This all starts with a brand new month of Field Research, Breakthrough rewards and much more.

This is the backbone of the game, and whilst there might be regular events and spotlight hours, these changes are the bread and butter at the games core.

If you're new to the game, or joining the game again after a few months away, then let us quickly explain how the Field Research Quests work and why they're so important.

In Pokemon Go players spin PokeStops and collect field research quests from Professor Willow. These are completely random and the quest for each PokeStop changes every 24 hours.

Should players take the time to complete field research they'll earn rewards in return. This could be anything from Pokeballs to random Pokemon encounters. It all depends on the research task you complete.

Naturally, Pokemon encounters are most popular, especially when the Pokemon is especially rare. Your odds of catching a shiny are increased too.

Complete seven Field Research Quests and you then unlock a field research breakthrough, which means you'll have the chance to capture an extra special Pokemon.

With the start of June 2020, some features are set to change once again, so keep reading for everything you need to know about the Pokemon Go June 2020 field research quests and rewards!

When do Pokemon Go June 2020 Field Research Quests start?

At the time of writing, the Pokemon Go field research quests and rewards for May 2020 are still active and can be seen just below.

We realise that's confusing because right now, it is technically May 1 in the UK.

But that's because the existing Field Research Quests change later tonight, at 1:00 p.m. PDT, which is 9pm BST this evening.

We'll be sure to update the page later today with the new quests once they go live.

The * denotes a chance of a shiny Pokemon.

Field Research Quests – May 2020

Field Research Reward

Take a snapshot of your buddy


Earn 3 candy walking with your buddy


Catching Quests

Catch 3 Water-, Electric-, or Bug-type Pokémon


Catch 3 Electric-type Pokémon


Catch 5 Pokémon with Weather BoostPoliwag*, Vulpix
Catch a Dragon-type PokémonDratini*
Catch 10 PokémonMagikarp*

Throwing Quests –

Make 5 Great Curveball Throws in a rowSpinda #7*
Make 5 Nice ThrowsVoltorb
Make 3 Excellent Throws in a rowLarvitar*
Make 3 Great Throws in a rowOnix*
Make 3 Great ThrowsLileep*, Anorith*, Gastly*

Battling Quests

Win in the GO Battle League


Battle another trainer

Alolan Geodude*

Win a raidJolteon
Win a Level 3 or higher raidKabuto*, Omanyte*
Win 5 raidsAerodactyl*

Hatching Quests

Hatch an Egg


Miscellaneous Quests –
Send 3 Gifts to friends


Transfer 3 Pokémon


Trade a Pokémon


Evolve a PokémonLanturn, Eevee*
Power Up Pokémon 5 times

Bulbasaur*, Charmander*, Squirtle*

What is the Pokemon Go June 2020 Research Breakthrough Reward?

As per usual, Niantic has announced the latest big change to the Research Breakthrough rewards coming into force for June 2020.

Previously trainers had the chance to encounter Shinx as a possible research breakthrough reward in May 2020.

Shinx is still available right up until later tonight when the field research breakthrough change over.

However, if you hold onto your Research Breakthrough Reward until later tonight you'll be able to encounter the ant pit Pokemon, Trapinch, instead.

This information was confirmed on the most recent Pokemon Go blog, who told fans of the games players:

"From Monday, June 1, 2020, at 1:00 p.m. to Wednesday, July 1, 2020, at 1:00 p.m. PDT (GMT −7), Trapinch, the Ant Pit Pokémon, will be available as a Research Breakthrough encounter."

When are the Pokemon GO Spotlight Hours in June 2020?

In the next few weeks, Pokemon Spotlight Hour will take place every Tuesday at 6:00 p.m. local time and will continue to spotlight both a Pokemon and a special bonus! For each Pokemon Spotlight Hour, you can expect a different Pokémon and bonus.

Here are the key dates for your diary in June:

  • Tuesday, June 2, 2020: There will be no Pokémon Spotlight Hour.
  • Tuesday, June 9, 2020: Patrat will be in the spotlight, and you’ll earn twice the XP for evolving Pokémon.
  • Tuesday, June 16, 2020: Numel will be in the spotlight, and you’ll earn twice the Stardust for catching Pokémon.
  • Tuesday, June 23, 2020: Clefairy will be in the spotlight, and you’ll earn twice the XP for catching Pokémon. If you’re lucky, you might encounter Shiny Clefairy!
  • Tuesday, June 30, 2020: Kricketot will be in the spotlight, and you’ll earn twice the Candy for catching Pokémon.

What is the Pokemon GO June 2020 Team GO Rocket Special Research?

New to the game in 2019 was Team GO Rocket PVP and Special Research. However, just like in May, there is no Team Go Rocket Special Research.

Here's what Niantic have told fans:

"It seems that Team GO Rocket has been quiet lately, so from May until the end of September, there’ll be no new Team GO Rocket Special Research available. Professor Willow and the team find this very odd and will continue to investigate to see if they can find any leads. We hope this means this is the last we’ll see of Team GO Rocket, but knowing the capabilities of these villains, we highly doubt that’s the case! Stay tuned for any updates. We really don’t expect Team GO Rocket to be quiet all summer…

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